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Nebraska vs New Mexico State Animated Drive Chart

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Nebraska had seven explosive plays, defined as plays over 20 yards, against New Mexico State.

Two were runs by Joe Ganz on option plays, one for 26 yards, another for 34 yards and a touchdown.
Ganz also completed two long passes to Mike McNeill over 20 yards. One went for 22 yards in the first quarter, another for 35 yards and a touchdown in the third quarter.
Marlon Lucky had a 58-yard rush in the third quarter.

The other explosive plays came when Patrick Witt completed a pass to Quentin ‘Q’ Castille for 24 yards early in the fourth quarter. Castille was tripped up and nearly scored, stopping at the one yard line.
The last was a beautifully fast run by Marcus Mendoza for 35 yards.

Two long pass plays to tight ends, a strong running game. Does this remind anyone of anything?