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Nebraska - Virginia Tech TV Schedule Announced

The Virginia Tech/Nebraska game will move to 7:00 PM with kickoff at 7:15 and be televised on ABC on a split national basis opposite Illinois/Penn State. 

We'll post a coverage map when it becomes available next week.

I suppose that the Hokies will be none too happy they're playing In Lincoln at night, but it doesn't enthrall me. I was looking forward  to a 2:30 pm game to be honest. Another night game..... ah well, I guess that means more beer will be involved. I suppose that's not all bad. 

[Updated 09/24/08 - 5:30 pm - with coverage map]


Note - Corn Nation will be running a game day thread for the Virginia Tech - Nebraska game. You're welcome to join us whether you're a Husker or a Hokie. I don't have a problem with Hokie fans as long as we're all respectful of the game.

In fact, I'd love to have a few Hokies show up, it would be interesting to get the different perspectives on the game - as I stated, as long as we're all respectful.