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When Will The Blackshirts Be Handed Out?

Will Bo Pelini be handing out Blackshirts over the bye week?

The Cornhusker defense held New Mexico to 339 total yards offense, 114 yards rushing and 225 yards passing. The defense didn't give up a touchdown pass.

The Aggies managed only three plays over 20 yards, a Holbrook pass completion to McDaniel in the second quarter, a Colston run in the third quarter, and a 55 yard pass with just over a minute left in the game.

Through three games, the Huskers have nine sacks after totaling 13 all last season. We're currently tied for ninth in the nation in this category. We're currently ranked 24th nationally against the run (but 99th against the pass), and 65th in total defense.

The question is, has the defense performed well enough to warrant handing out the shirts?

And if he does, do they go to individual players, or should he give them to all of the defensive starters, ala promoting a team effort?

I don't agree with the idea of handing out Blackshirts to the starters despite their performance against the Aggies because some of them haven't earned that right yet. It was a good effort, but we're not there yet.

I could understand if Pelini would give them to specific players, and my first vote would go to Ndamukong Suh because he's played very good football so far this season.

So what do you think? Is it time, and if it is, to individuals or to the defensive starters as a whole?