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2008 College Fooball Week Three Predictions: Game of the Century?

Much better games this weekend, thank God. Mike and I didn't get together this week due to some technical difficulties, so it's shorter this week. Maybe that's merciful.

Obviously the biggest game of the week is the Ohio State- USC game. I’ve seen this referred to as “The Game of the Century”. Such hyperbole. The number of people giving Ohio State a chance this week could probably be counted on one hand. That's not exactly a compelling argument for such a grand moniker.


Michigan @ Notre DameEdit Story: SB Nation: Corn Nation

Husker Mike:
Let's see...Michigan is bumbling and stumbling with their new offense.  Notre Dame is still bumbling and stumbling in year two with Jimmy Clausen.
This one should be rated U for Unwatchable.
Amish 9, Weasels 5

Corn Blight:
If I get the chance, I’m watching this debacle. I’ve never hated the Domers until Weis came along, and I will until he’s gone. The key factor in this game will be Notre Dame’s defense against Michigan’s offense because we know that Notre Dame’s offense isn’t going anywhere. In a game where both offenses suck, anything can happen. Sacks, interceptions, fumbles, only a fool or an addict would bet on this game.
Notre Dame’s defense is better than Michigan’s offense.
Notre Dame 28, Michigan 24

Oregon @ Purdue

Husker Mike:
Oregon seems to have moved on from the Dennis Dixon era.
Oregon 31, Purdue 14

Corn Blight:
Joe Tiller’s last season won’t make much of a difference and Purdue never does that well against good teams.
Oregon 38, Purdue 21


Husker Mike:
BYU struggled with UDub last week.  And Ricky's got the Bruins off to a fast start.
UCLA 28, BYU 24

Corn Blight:
UCLA is banged up and starting a third string quarterback on the road against a team that has a pretty decent offense. Ricky knows he can go 6-6 and still be a hero this season, the Bruins won’t be taking this game.
BYU 31, UCLA 21

Georgia @ South Carolina

Husker Mike:
How will Visor Boy recover from last week's stinker at Vandy?  Not well, I'm afraid.
Dawgs 34, Cocks 14

Corn Blight:
I think they’ll lose, but South Carolina always plays Georgia tough. Next week we’ll all be talking about how vulnerable Georgia is and dropping them in the poll.
Dawgs 31, Cocks 24

Ohio State @ USC

Husker Mike:
USC vaulted to the top of the rankings after their demolition of Virginia.  Meanwhile, Ohio State got caught looking ahead last week, and Frank Solich nearly made them pay, even with the Bobcats not playing well.  Ohio State could quiet a lot of criticism with a victory, or even a good performance on Saturday.  Or...could confirm it all.
USC 49, Buckeyes 13

Corn Blight:
It’s funny how a couple games can so widely change perception. Virginia sucks. Ohio was playing for pride. The Buckeyes will lose, but not in embarrassing fashion. Both defenses are very good and USC has a young offensive line. Too bad Beanie Wells is injured.
USC 28, Ohio State 20

Iowa State @ Iowa

Husker Mike:
Clones have seemed to own the Squawkeyes in recent years.  But I'm not sure about this season.  
Squawks 27, Clones 24

Corn Blight:
I’m going to reverse that. There’s something about the Cyclones that makes me believe Chizik is making progress while Ferentz’s crew isn’t. A loss to the Clones would be a bad sign for the Hawks.
Cyclones 24, Hawks 23.

Kansas @ South Florida

Husker Mike:
For the first time in quite a while, Kansas has to play a powerful team on their turf.  USF may have been looking ahead last week.
Bulls 31, Jayhawks 17

Corn Blight:
This is a big game for Kansas. A win would be further proof that they’re a team to be reckoned with, a loss and people will wonder about last season’s patsy schedule. KU’s running game is suspect, but people seem to have forgotten that Todd Reesing is one of the better quarterbacks in the nation.
Jayhawks 38, Bulls 28

New Mexico State @ Nebraska

Husker Mike:
Nebraska had a good first half against Western Michigan, and then played five crappy quarters until they turned it on in the 4th quarter against San Jose State.  Bo Pelini says they've practiced much better than they've played so far.  My rose colored glasses (lots of spilled kool-aid on 'em) says it's time to play like they've practiced.
Huskers 63, New Mexico State 14

Corn Blight:
First game for the Aggies, on the road, against a BCS school, with a new defensive coordinator. Counter that with Nebraska spending this week reviewing their mistakes and sloppy game from last week. If they thought they did okay against Western Michigan, they spent the week hearing about how things are not okay, so this week it should be interesting if we see a crisp, explosive team that’s come out and dispatch NMSU in ‘go for the throat’ fashion. I’m betting that we do.
Huskers 52, Aggies 21