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Hurricane Watch for Husker Nation

Nebraska is finalizing an agreement where Nebraska and the Miami Hurricanes would play in Lincoln on September 20, 2014, and the Huskers would travel to Miami on September 12, 2015. This is on top of the series with Fresno State announced yesterday. So here's the updated non-conference slates:

  • 2009: Florida Atlantic, Arkansas State, @ Virginia Tech, Louisiana-Lafayette
  • 2010: Western Kentucky, Idaho, @ Washington, South Dakota State
  • 2011: TBA, Fresno State, Washington, TBA
  • 2012: Southern Miss, @ UCLA, TBA, TBA
  • 2013: TBA, @ Southern Miss, UCLA, TBA
  • 2014: TBA, Fresno State, Miami-FL, TBA
  • 2015: Southern Miss, @ Miami-FL, TBA, TBA
  • 2016: TBA, Tennessee, Fresno State, TBA
  • 2017: TBA, @ Tennessee, TBA, TBA

Some serious schedule upgrades underway in Lincoln, I'd say. And it's about time that Nebraska plays Miami in our own time zone. (I about said "away from Miami", then I remembered that 2002 Rose Bowel game...)

The World-Herald also reports that another series may be announced, perhaps as soon as tomorrow.