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Corn Nation Pick 'Em Week 1 Leaders - Winners

The results are in, below are the top five from Week 1 results.


There are 52 participants in the pool, notice that no one went undefeated.

The Top Five this week will win a free copy of "A Sea of Red 2008", the most fantastic preview guide to Nebraska football ever written (don't step in that!!). I've heard that people are having a hard time finding it due to it selling out in several locations - don't forget that (if you didn't win it), you can still get it online at Maple Street Press.

I won't be able to give away five awards every week, so I'll be implementing a tie-breaker this week. Along with picks, you get to pick the score of one of the games.

Yours truly ended up ranked #14. I missed the Alabama-Clemson game, despite stating in our weekly picks that 'Bama would win.

I also missed the Iowa State win over South Dakota State, not sure what I was thinking there. Okay, I know what I was thinking. I was thinking that last year ISU lost to Northern Iowa, and I wasn't convinced that they'd be much improved.

Other miss? Utah vs Michigan. I thought RichRod would struggle, but in watching the game, Michigan looked bad. I was surprised at how bad their defense played. For the second year in a row, Michigan fans have got to be wondering what the hell is happening to them.

[UPDATE - Okay, so a screw up by yours truly, we do have another game that hasn't been played yet. That's what I get for trying to think while being completely messed up by allergies. 

Here's what I'll do. Whomever I've stated as winners, still wins, and if you move into the top five after one more game and you're not listed, you win too. After all, it was you guys that screwed up, and I'd really like to give more stuff away! Good luck! ]