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SB Nation 2008 Preseason Big 12 Team - Marlon Lucky 2nd Team Running Back?

SB Nation's Big 12 contingent has (finally) released our preseason Big 12 team, congratulations to the following players from each of the teams.

Remember that we were not allowed to pick someone from our own team as part of the final phase.

Here are the results:

2008big12off_medium 2008big12def_medium

For further enlightenment, you can see the position totals, and how everyone voted.

Marlon Lucky finishes second to Oklahoma's DeMarco Murray as the top running back in the Big 12, which leads me to wonder what the hell everyone was thinking when they did their picks, particularly the guys from Mizzou who didn't even include Lucky among their top three.

What does Marlon Lucky need to do to gain some respect?
He's the Big 12's only returning 1,000 yard rusher. With 75 receptions and 705 yards, he's one of the top returning receivers in conference.

I don't get it. I really don't. As a senior, Lucky is a proven commodity. I do not understand why he hasn't gotten more respect, nor more notice from everyone. Is it because he wasn't at media days, because he isn't one of those guys who says anything that gains attention?

If there's one guy on the 2008 team I'm pulling for, it's Marlon Lucky. I hope that he kicks all of your asses and then makes millions next year with a fat NFL contract.