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Western Michigan Post Game Overreaction - Hungover Version

Normally I try to write one of these right after the game is over, but I don't think that would have been the best idea late last night, so instead, here it is early this morning.

I haven't looked at stats, nor watched the game again, just a (somewhat) initial overreaction from a fuzziy-minded guy who is not a morning person.

- Unimpressed with our offensive line, especially in run blocking.

- Cody Glenn. He certainly started the season with a bang, didn't he? Came on the first defensive series and made himself known immediately.

- The stuff about splitting time between the backs wasn't just talk.

- That first quarter it felt like we were the Nebraska of old. Really a lot of energy, and a lot of excitement. We dominated WMU early - was that wonderful, or what?

- Defensive line played well, How many rushing yards did they finish with?

- Alex Henery, four field goals over 40 and we didn't even try one last season?

- Joe Ganz, that guy can manage the offense well. He looked smooth both throwing and running.

- We lost focus in the second half and the game felt like it was dragging on. I'm sure there will be plenty said by the coaches about that.

Overall, a rough game, but a nice win. It's the first of the Pelini era (win and game), so I shouldn't be so critical, it's obvious we have a lot of work to do. Today we're better off than Clemson And Virginia Tech and whomever else ended up at 0-1 today.