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Nebraska Versus Western Michigan Game Thread

Western Michigan!!!!

The Start of the Bo Pelini Era!



Husker Radio Network Afilliates Online Radio
KRNU - Student Announcers - Hey! Give 'Em A Chance!

TV - Pay Per View:

Cable Information
DirecTV - Channel 786
Dish Network - reports 464, I'm showing 462.Update - it's now switched to 464.

Live Stats from

Game Threads:

This is a game day thread, where we gather to discuss the Western Michigan - Nebraska game, or whatever else college football-related goo is on your mind. You're welcome to join us - you must have a SB Nation account to post.

I've had some questions from people outside the US looking for feeds. I've looked, I ain't finding anything. You have online, streaming audio above. If not, we'll be following the action, and the score should be updated on this game thread by quarter (if I've done this right, this platform is new this year).

Hey! Come on in!

Story Lines Thus Far Today:

- Eastern Carolina upset Virginia Tech 27-22.

- Turner Gill's Buffalo team smashes UTEP 42-17 Thursday night

- MAC Bowling Green upsets Steve Pederson's Pitt Panthers 27-17.

- Ohio State running back/Heisman candidate Chris "Beanie" Wells injured.

- Utah beating Michigan 22-10 Third Quarter