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2008 College Fooball Week One Predictions: Riots In Denver?

Husker Mike and I got together each week last season to do weekly predictions. Last year we tried a much more formal format with some comments on each game. I thought I'd try it with our chat transcript instead, and all y'all can tell me whether this is more interesting, or if it just plain sucks.

Husker Mike: Good evening
Corn Blight: hey
Husker Mike: Wow Buffalo wiped the field with UTEP
Corn Blight: what's the score?
Husker Mike: Mike Price must have been in Juarez last night.
Husker Mike: 42-17
Corn Blight: whoeeee, Turner Gill's salary is going up

Husker Mike: OK.. Utah @ Michigoon
Husker Mike: Weasels favored by 3.5
Husker Mike: This is like Bill Callahan in reverse; RichRod is going to fit his square peg into his round hole.
Corn Blight: It's at the Big House. Rich Rod wins his first game..... or not. I'll still go with Michigan. No reason other than it'll be interesting having things look rosey in the first game and then collapse later.
Husker Mike: Utes 21, Weasels 12
Corn Blight: Michigoon 23, Utah 17

Husker Mike: USC @ Virginia
Corn Blight: +17 USC
Corn Blight: USC goes coast to coast in more ways than one.
Husker Mike: Didn't Virginny choke against Tech in the Gator bowl?
Corn Blight: If USC has problems this season, they'll show up later after the egos take over.
Corn Blight: Virginia played a whole gob of close games last season and won most
Husker Mike: Sanchez has a dislocated kneecap.
Corn Blight: Joe McKnight is out too, I believe, so up step the next five star guys
Husker Mike: Wow... someone slammed a door on his hand.
Corn Blight: Pete Carroll? Husker Mike: And there's a rash of jock itch running through the Trojan program.Somebody call Fred Phelps.
Corn Blight: There's a bad joke here about Trojans.
Corn Blight: USC 52, Virginia 10
Husker Mike:USC 35, Virginnie 9

Corn Blight: ESPN. Dr. Lou Holtz.  Why?
Corn Blight: I can't watch this garbage.
Husker Mike: I saw it and quickly turned away when it was on ESPN1 an hour ago
Corn Blight: I really can't. It's a bloody farce.
Husker Mike: Is he interviewing Lloyd Carr?
Corn Blight: I flipped over to another game. I can't take the guy any more.
Corn Blight: He took a call from Tim Tebow. I'm going to make it a personal goal to see as little of Lou Holtz as possible this season.
Corn Blight: They could put Al Gore on there talking about college football and it'd be more entertaining. Mark May could take him out, do the CF world a huge favor. But he won't. He's complicit.  That bastard. Ok. Back on track.

Husker Mike: Illinois @ Mizzery
Corn Blight: Illinois was a young team that had a decent season last year.
Husker Mike: But Mendenhall is in the NFL
Husker Mike: Zook is a nutcase
Husker Mike: And the Illini still plays in the Big Ten
Corn Blight: Maybe after he's fired, he could get on ESPN as a talking head.
Husker Mike: OTOH...Gary Pinkel still coaches Mizery
Corn Blight: HIs collapses come later, though, maybe on October 4th.
Husker Mike: If Nebraska beats Mizery... gets a 404 on October 5th.
Corn Blight: Ha! Or it gets replaced by kitties.
Corn Blight: Mizzou 38, Zookinators 17
Husker Mike:  Mizery 42 Zookers 31

Corn Blight: Alabama - Clemson
Husker Mike: I should care more about this game than I do... But both coaches give me a 'meh'
Corn Blight: Could be a pivotal game. Clemson has the same problem that Mizzou has year to year, destined to be a 8-4 team. My comment about this game on the ITB podcast was that in Saban's second year, it's time for the devil to start paying back on his half of the contract.
Corn Blight: Clemson could collapse early this season, then win all their conference games.  They stay a 8-4 team. It works.
Husker Mike: Bama 24 Clempson 21
Corn Blight: Bama Mercs 28, Clemson 23

Corn Blight: Michigan State at California - is this game compelling?
Husker Mike: Moderately
Husker Mike: Compared to some of the others...
Corn Blight: Good point.
Husker Mike: Cal favored by 7
Husker Mike: I honestly have no idea here.
Husker Mike: Cal 27, Sparty 14
Corn Blight: California should win that, but Sparty is always psychotic
Corn Blight: Cal 31, Michigan State 20
Husker Mike: Washington @ Oregon
Husker Mike: Oregon favored by 10.5
Husker Mike: But lost their starter
Husker Mike: Another game I could care less about
Corn Blight: But Washington appears to still be lost.
Husker Mike: What's wrong with me
Husker Mike: Oregon 15, Washington 9
Corn Blight: Oregon 24, Washington 13
Corn Blight: You're anxious about the Western Michigan game. It's been too long.

Husker Mike: Kentucky / Louisville?
Husker Mike: Barrrf
Husker Mike: Louisville favored by 4
Husker Mike: Barrrrfff.  'Ville 23, 'Tucky 21
Corn Blight: Kentucky lost too much offense from last year.
Corn Blight: Louisville 28, Kentucky 14
Corn Blight: Tennesee @ UCLA
Corn Blight: You gotta love that one. Ricky will lose his first game at UCLA
Corn Blight: +5.5 for The Vols
Husker Mike: Yeah...but with Fulmer on the left coast?
Corn Blight: UCLA, first year coach, starting QB out, no offensive line, Rick Neuheisel.
Husker Mike: Tennessee 23, Ricky's in love 10
Corn Blight: Vols 24, da Golden Boy 10

Corn Blight: Colorado State at Colorado in Denver.
Husker Mike: I have no Hawk love
Corn Blight: This game is interesting because of the high probabiity of riot.
Husker Mike: What will that field look like after being covered for Obama the last week or so.That's half the fun of this game.
Corn Blight: Made even worse because you know there will still be tons of anarchists who have discovered Boulder for the first time. The hippies will be more stoned, the punksters more enthused. Could be wild.
Corn Blight: Colorado 31, CSU 24
Corn Blight: 15 Arrests, 3 people hospitalized.
Husker Mike: Rams 23, Buffies 21,  Denver Police 38Corn Blight: We're assuming that they can scoop that much bullshit out of Denver before the game. Maybe it'll be postponed on account of a flash crap flood.

Corn Blight: The biggie. Western Michigan at Nebraska
Corn Blight: What's going to happen?
Husker Mike: Honestly, I can see just about anything
Husker Mike: I think the buzz is going to be just like 2004. I remember standing utterly shocked watching Joe Dailey look like Joe Montana on that first drive.
Husker Mike: The place was literally going berzerk.
Corn Blight: I see us pounding them into submission.
Husker Mike: Actually, it's going to be bigger than 2004.  This one might be like OU 2001 at the start.
Corn Blight: Anticipation?
Husker Mike: I hope so.  I really, really subscribe to the Bill Callahan was a complete and total idiot.  I believe there's talent there.
Husker Mike: Last year was almost criminal negligence, from what I've heard.
Husker Mike: And Directional Michigan still had a losing record.
Corn Blight: I don't think he was an idiot. I think he was a control freak and wouldn't let anyone else do their job. But we could go on about that forever.
Corn Blight: Careful, there's Central Michigan. Isn't that a directional school?
Husker Mike: I can see just about any score here:
Husker Mike: Left side of brain:  Huskers 49, W. Michigan 9
Husker Mike: Right side of brain:  Huskers 34, W. Michigan 31
Corn Blight: Well, the average of that would be pretty good.
Corn Blight: I say.... the offensive line plays like men possessed. Marlon Lucky runs between the guards at will, and we hit play-action heavily as the game goes on.
Corn Blight: Nebraska 34, Broncos 17
Corn Blight: Saturday evening won't get here fast enough.