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Corn Flakes Is Ready For that College Football Goodness

  The 'In the Bleachers 2008 Predictions' podcast is now available, featuring yours truly and a bunch of other well-known bloggers. It's long, 2.5 hours long. It's not as bad as four hours of Lou Holtz by a long-shot. I completely forget (or didn't want to remember) that he was Mark May's counterpart.I couldn't do four hours of Lou. I hope you didn't either or I'd fear for your safety/sanity/sense of style.

To combat Lou, you need Husker Haiku.

  Last night in the ITB forum I came up with a single line to describe this year's Big 12 season:

So many quarterbacks, so little defense.

We'll see how well it stands up by the end of the season. Hopefully the season will turn out more like this: 

So many quarterbacks, then they were Blackshirts.

  I don't think anyone on the ITB podcast mentioned Oklahoma State. I kept wondering why until I realized that the media thinks Mike Gundy is a clown .

  Football starts this evening - both Baylor and Iowa State are playing. Both worth watching as they are Nebraska opponents this season..... I just said that, didn't I..... damn them both to hell for playing on the first night of college football when all I want is some of that goodness in me.

  Of things that are not good is Andy Christensen. The more you hear about it, the dumber it gets.

  ABC Regional Coverage Maps are out. As is your TV Coverage for Week One.

  KFOR's Lincoln Live will feature an interview with yours truly tomorrow at 12:30 pm.

  A reminder that we will be doing game day threads here on CN on Saturday evening. What that basically means is we'll be here commenting on the game, so you're more than welcome to join us. Remember, sobriety is not an issue since it's assumed you're not driving So, it's a date, say... oh, around 5:30 PM CST Saturday night. BYOB ya louts.