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A New Student Section - A Dark Mark on the Sea of Red?

The Omaha World Herald has an article about the change in student seating for this season, a wonderful article that paints the students as they truly are, a bunch of debaucherating, profane jackasses that would destroy the Norman Rockwellian portrait that many see in Nebraska football. I'm surprised they didn't mention the orgies.

I especially love this quote:

"Normally, each row is packed with fans, about two or three per seat," said University of Nebraska-Lincoln senior Chad Hall. "The language is extremely vulgar, and I've seen at a few games bottles being thrown at people or the field."

Which is followed up by this:

The new plan puts students in the higher rows of sections 12, 13 and 14 - the seats previously occupied by the season ticket holders - and farther from the action on the field. And it puts season ticket holders in former student seating that was close to the field.

Taken from that perspective, I guess you could say the administration favors the students throwing bottles at season ticket holders rather than those on the field. Things that make you go hmmmmmmm....


Students are always calling for a 'black out' which never happens, but if they feel strongly enough about getting screwed by their new seating area why don't they just get everyone in those sections to wear black? They've already been deemed second-class citizens, so why not make it a dark mark on the sea of red? If not, perhaps they should just accept it and move on.