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Quick Reminder: Join The Corn Nation College Pick 'Em

A quick reminder to join the Corn Nation College Pick 'Em Game at 

Each week we'll have about 10-15 games for you to pick - we'll be picking the winners only - no spreads - but you'll also have to assign confidence points to your picks. If you're right, you'll get the amount of confidence points you assigned to a game.

To participate, just join our pool. It's free to play, and is spam-free as well. The pool is open now to join, and first picks are due by August 28th - so sign up now. The pool will run the whole regular season, concluding on December 6th with, among other games, the conference championship games.

We'll be giving away some weekly prizes as well as a grand prize to the overall winner.

I picked about 17 games this week, probably too many, along with a bunch of gimmees for Big 12 teams, so we'll pare that down a bit the following week.