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Announcing the Corn Nation College Football Pick ‘Em

We are excited to announce a new feature here at Corn Nation! In conjunction with FunOfficePools, we will be running a College Football Pick ‘Em game. Each week we'll have about 10-15 games for you to pick - we'll be picking the winners only - no spreads - but you'll also have to assign confidence points to your picks. 

If you're right, you'll get the amount of confidence points you assigned to a game. If you’re wrong, well, you’re wide open to the abuse that comes with it.

We'll be picking games that include Nebraska, of course, as well as other Big-12 teams. We'll throw in some of the best other games of the week as well.

To participate, just join our pool. It's free to play, and is spam-free as well. The pool is open now to join, and first picks are due by August 28th - so sign up now. The pool will run the whole regular season, concluding on December 6th with, among other games, the conference championship games. Let's get as many of you signed up as we can, and find out who is the best at picking winners.

If you've already signed up go to the FunOfficePools main page and log in.

We’re hoping to have weekly prizes and then a grand prize winner at the end of the season. As soon as I know what those are, I’ll announce them. If you’re a sponsor and you want to give away free stuff that is or is not Nebraskan, then we’d love to hear from you and so would our readers because everyone likes free stuff.

The one thing I can practically guarantee is that I will not be winning this Pick ‘Em because I promise to suck.

When considering whether or not to sign up, remember the Olympic Pick ’Em Spirit:

It’s not Important that you win or lose, but only that you participate!

What an absolute lie. Of course it’s all about winning and losing. What would life be without some good abuse? You'd probably turn out like Mike Gundy, a 40-year old with a short fuse who can't take anything bad said about you. You don't want that, do you? Save Yourself!