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2008 Initial Blogpoll College Football Preseason Ranking - Take Two

Based upon your feedback, here's an updated initial blogpoll for the first 2008 preseason college football ranking.

1. Georgia
I don't think they'll end up here, but that's where they're going to be to start the season.

2. Ohio State

3. Missouri
As deserving of this position as anyone else.

4. USC
I don't really have anything against USC, but I'm looking forward to the day they fall down a little bit.

5. Florida
Same with Urban Meyer.

6. Oklahoma

Mizzou and these guys are entirely swappable.

7. Clemson

I really don't expect them to stay here throughout the season. Maybe they'll surprise.

8. LSU
Dropping off this season.

9. Texas Tech
Consistency is key.

10. West Virginia

Last year this high?

11. Wisconsin
Enjoy your beer!

12. California.

Hippies win out over Dennis Erickson's soul. Must not have been worth that much.

13. Virginia Tech
Beamer Ball!

14. South Florida
Can they win in the cold?

15. BYU
Meh. Probably too high still.

16. Kansas
Could be a very good team.

17. Wake Forest

Jim Grobe. ACC.

18. Penn State
Should finish higher, but I'll reserve that for later.

19. Illinois
I don't expect Illinois to be that good this year, but they did get a lot of experience last season.

20. Tennessee

I'm thinking Auburn drops off quite a bit.

21. Boston College

22. Oregon

23. Oklahoma State

24. Arizona State

25. Alabama
Time for his contract with the devil to start kicking in.