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Trev Alberts Picks CN Amongst Best College Football Blogs (Homer That He is)

Trev Alberts picks his top five college football blogs on the Internet, and we're at #5! Homer pick, he admits, but we'll take it!

Thanks for noticing, Hey, Trev, you were one of my favorite outside linebackers in Husker history... without even sucking up much on that. 

For the record, he picks:

#5 - Corn Nation

#4 -

#3 - EDSBS, and says that Orson has to work harder. That's pretty
damned funny, right there.

#2 - College Football Resource

#1 - SMQ. He knows Matt is moving, but it's a nice shout out for Matt Hinton by Trev.

Thanks to reader Dylan for sending it in, oddly enough, I was working all day at a site where they block sites like this, and I teach them how to do it. Irony?