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Corn Flakes Is Loving the Olympics

Ivan Maisel has a couple of good articles about today's speedy offenses. The first implies that the huddle may be disappearing, and the second has to do with what an up-tempo offense does to a defense. However, the second includes this bit:

"I (UCLA defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker) would talk to Norm (Chow, the UCLA offensive coordinator) and say, 'Look, when we're able to get off the field, you've got to keep us off the field.' Those offenses are stressful. The more the defenses are on the field, you're giving the offense opportunities to make plays on us. You have to play a little bit more ball control on your offense."

The emphasis is mine I point it out because it's a key piece of the upcoming Cornhusker football season. You want to slow down an up-tempo offense, like those of Mizzou, Kansas, or Texas Tech? The easiest way is to keep them off the field.

Defenses are trying to figure out how to stop the spread, and it's clear the key is fast players who can make one-on-one tackles. They're not building their guys up for size, they're making them leaner and meaner. In doing so, you have to believe that they're setting themselves up for being pounded into submission by a power running game, one that consistently gains yardage (read: no losses) and chews up the clock. You want to beat a speedy offense? Keep the ball.

The OWH came out with an article last week where the headline is "Pelini says NU offense won't be conservative", but then includes an item from Pelini that affirms the above statement:

"We want to play physical football at Nebraska," Pelini said. "We want to be able to run the football when we want to. We want to impose our will on opposing teams. If you're able to do that, you're able to kill the clock, you're able to control the pace of the football game — and I think that's something you have to be able to do."

We'll have more on this later, but the Huskers will be running the ball with authority this season, or the season will be a failure.

I happened to notice a thread about our own 'Blankman' Brandon Cavanaugh at Huskerpedia that contains some less than complementary comments. As editor of 'A Sea of Red', I chose Brandon to write that specific article because I knew that he would present a different perspective and I did not want an article that turned into some gooey worship-fest of the glory days of Nebraska football. He did not disappoint.

The thread also brought up the past, re-hashing Frank Solich's firing and blah de blah, which leads me to ask - can we all just forget about who supported who and move forward?

Two Nebraska wrestlers are being investigated for having their pictures show up on a gay porn site.

The photos were of national champion Paul Donahoe and teammate Kenny Jordan in various states of undress and in the buff. The two did not appear in photos together.

Thank goodness we clarified that they didn't appear in the photos together. Can you imagine the rumors that would be flying around if they hadn't included that line?

Yet another Big 12 coach ranking, this time from John Heisley at the Oklahoman. Pelini comes in at 11th, ahead of Art Briles at Baylor. Mike Sherman at ninth? I'd rank him 12th because while he was a decent coach at Green Bay, he sucked as a general manager and coach, the job he's basically going to have as a head college coach.

And since we can't get enough rankings, Rivals ranks the Big 12's best units, with Nebraska's backfield at #2 behind Oklahoma. It includes the comment that Marlon Lucky is the Big 12's best running back. Didn't I say something somewhere about letting things go?

Last but not least, last night's 4x100m swimming relay is one of the reasons I watch a lot of the Olympics. Michael Phelps may be the star attraction in these Olympics, but Jason Lezak's finish was absolutely gorgeous. The only thing better than beating a mouthy opponent is beating a mouthy opponent that's French. Can we at least all agree on that?