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Under the Microscope: Cody Green



Dollah dollah bill, ya’ll, NU is seein’ nothing but Green.  Cody Green that is.  Dayton, Texas’ own has committed to the Cornhuskers over Texas A&M to play quarterback in Shawn Watson’s Nebraska (Don’t call it that other term) Offense.  A dual-threat from under center, Green is a threat to several other schools on Nebraska’s radar.  Why?  I believe Cody Green could have the same effect this year as Blaine Gabbert did last year.  The best part is we know Cody won’t lose his coach.


What’s so special about this kid?  He’s got a strong arm and gazelle-like maneuverability.  For those of you who have played the EA Sports NCAA Football title, you’ll be reminded of when your quarterback almost gets sacked but he’s mobile enough to step out of the reach of the oncoming defensive player.  That’s Green.


I will warn you though: Cody has an awkward throwing motion that will make some of you cringe.  Don’t question it.  He gets the ball there.  He’ll be fine.  He tosses both the lovely arc across the field to a speedy wide receiver or a frozen rope on a line for a seven yard gain.  Don’t worry he can also hit the feather touch and in some instances the ball pops out of his hands before you have the time to acknowledge that it’s gone.  It freaks me out like the ball’s on a string or something.


When running Cody’s vision is superb.  He knows when he’s not getting a ball to any receiver and will get you seven to ten yards on the ground in a flash.  This might excite some of you to the point of adult erotica: Green gives Watson the option to run some option.  No we’re not talking Solichesque or even Osbornian levels.  Just enough that you know it’s there.  With Cody you will see the pass and you will see the run and oh it could be fun to watch if he develops nicely.


With all of that said is Cody Green the next Vince Young?  Probably not.  Does he project well into the NFL? I don’t care and neither do you at this point.  He’s a frickin’ senior in high school.  Is he perfect for Watson’s MidWest Co-I mean Nebraska Offense?  Absolutely and he’ll make that point very clear when he enrolls early in December.  Watch out in January, Nebraska co-eds.


As an aside I felt this was appropriate:


What? I needed to get one more cash joke in.

LATE ADDITION (It ain't much but watch #21):

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