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Remembering Orange Bowl 1995

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Recently, I upgraded my home computer to a system with multimedia capabilities, and decided to experiment with it a little today since I was home with a sick daughter.  One of the reasons why I bought this machine was that I've got a lot of VHS tapes, including some of the games from the middle 1990's, that soon will become obsolete since VHS is finally going the way of Beta.  So a little experimentation and a lot of banging my head against the wall, I finally jerryrigged it together.

Today was a warm muggy day in Nebraska... kind of like New Years 1995 in Miami.  I remember saying shortly after the Oklahoma game that "I've gotta be there" after that oh-so-close call the year before.  New Years Eve morning, I had to clear four inches of snow off the driveway to make it to the airport...the plane was late, but nevertheless, that evening, I was walking along the ocean in Fort Lauderdale.  We asked the motel manager what the best way to get to the Orange Bowl was, and he said that we didn't want to go there... just watch it on the (19" portable) TV in the room.

Yeah.  Right.  I flew to South Florida to watch this game on a blurry TV set?

Drove down the next afternoon and parked at a Dairy Queen.  The neighborhood didn't seem too bad in the daylight.  Tailgated at the "offical pregame tailgate" (expensive and kind of lame), but it was pretty much all that was available.

Then headed inside for one of the most magical moments in Husker history.

Ahh what a night.  Next day was filled with football, but I couldn't care less.  It was clear and 81 degrees in Fort Lauderdale, and the Huskers had won the National Championship.  It was beach time.  The next day, flew home and reality hit.  The low that night was -9.  Ah well...  But what a night!