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The 'Bo Pelini Polka' - Because Every Coach Needs A Song

Last year, George Dare gave us 'Nebraska Nation' - a theme song for Nebraska football. It received airplay on radio stations across Nebraska.

Not to be outdone by last year's success, Dare this year is releasing his first polka composition in honor of new head coach Bo Pelini - the "Bo Pelini Polka"!


"Bo Pelini Polka"
By George Dare
P c 2008 Udeenee Magic Music Publishing - BMI

Dare is releasing an updated 'Nebraska Nation', which includes a little more funk and upbeat tempo, a good thing because last year's version was a little.... uh... slow... like way slow. This year's - more better.


"Nebraska Nation"
By George Dare
P c 2008 Udeenee Magic Music Publishing - BMI

George Dare's bio is below:

George Dare grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and is a big Nebraska football fan. Beginning his professional career as a singer, both live and in the recording studio on jingles, George's career took a major step when he was invited to compete in a national competition for a jingle for the City of Las Vegas. George won and was invited to bring his talents to Las Vegas, where he has lived ever since.

Today, George is considered a high-end music producer, arranger and composer, with many awards credited to his name.  From music for film scores, to theme songs and jingles, you've heard George's voice on jingles for McDonald's, Chevy, Brand Source and others.

George Dare's theme songs are impressive, as he has a long list of credentials in this area, including creating theme songs for:

1) International Firefighters
2) National Police
3) National Finals Rodeo
4) International Shriners
5) Official Theme Song for the City of Las Vegas
6) Make A Wish Foundation
7) Muscular Dystrophy Telethon
8) UNLV Basketball - this song came about after George moved to Las Vegas and found no area football team to cheer for.

He still goes to the local Husker lounge where other fans converge to cheer on their Nebraska Cornhuskers during the games. George also created the fire safety song "Stop, Drop & Roll" which is taught to over 8 million students and Sr. Citizens every year.