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First Depth Chart Announced

As part of the Big XII Media Days, Bo Pelini announced the depth chart for the start of fall practice. (And yes, we're banning the use of the word "training camp" here...)

Tight End: Mike McNeill, Ryan Hill

Hunter Teafatiller would be on this list, but he's got bigger problems. This situation looks fluid here.

Left Tackle: Lydon Murtha, Mike Smith

Will Murtha finally break through this season? Enquiring minds want to know. Personally, I'm skeptical.

Left Guard: Mike Huff, Keith Williams

Huff gets a love/hate response from fans. I wonder if Williams can push him this season.

Center: Jacob Hickman, Mike Caputo

Insiders talk about the progress Caputo has made at center. This one bears watching.

Right Guard: Matt Slauson, D.J. Jones

This might be the most loaded position on the offensive line if Slauson returns to form.

Right Tackle: Javorio Burkes, Marcel Jones

There's a lot of youth on this side of the line. Burkes got some significant playing time at the end of last season.

WR(X): Nate Swift, Menelik Holt, Chris Brooks

Holt or Brooks needs to step up this season. Swift is a decent receiver, but not a game breaker

WR(Y): Todd Peterson, Niles Paul or Curenski Gilleylen

See above. The walkon Peterson has made some clutch plays, but the Huskers need Paul or Gilleylen to rise this season. My darkhorse here is Marlon Lucky in some sets.

FB: Thomas Lawson, Justin Makovicka

Seeing a Mak on the depth chart at fullback is a sight for sore eyes.

IB: Marlon Lucky or Roy Helu, Quentin Castille

Helu a co-#1 I-Back? That "or" is big IMHO. I'm thinking that we'll see Lucky spread around the field a little bit to get both of these backs on the field this season.

QB: Joe Ganz, Patrick Witt, Zac Lee

Not a surprise to me that Witt's ahead of Lee at this point. I do wonder if Lee better fits Pelini's plans for a mobile quarterback.

Open DE: Barry Turner, Pierre Allen

No surprises here.

DT: Ty Steinkuhler, Kevin Dixon.

No surprises here, though we need to see some younger players get some playing time this season, as both of these guys are seniors.

NT: Ndamakong Suh, Dixon, Shukree Barfield

Ditto on the surprise factor

Base DE: Zach Potter, Clayton Sievers

Same surprises.

Buck LB: Tyler Wortman, Blake Lawrence

Lawrence is up to 225, which might be more impressive with the downsizing the rest of the team has seen this year.

Mike LB: Phillip Dillard, Colton Koehler

Dillard's back down to 235, which should be good news about last year's hybrid linebacker/nose tackle.

Will LB: Cody Glenn, LaTravis Washington

Pelini stresses effort over scheme. Glenn's development at linebacker will be the test of that philosophy.

LCB: Armando Murillo, Eric Hagg

SS: Larry Asante, Major Culbert

Has the Major found a home?

FS: Rickey Thenarse, Matt O'Hanlon

We know Thenarse is going to hit someone and hit them hard. The only question is whether Pelini and Marvin Sanders can make sure it's the right guy.

RCB: Anthony West, Prince Amakurama

The youngsters will need to learn quickly

PK: Alex Henery or Adi Kunalic

My guess it's the same as last year. Henery will handle PAT's and short/medium FG's. Kunalic will handle kickoffs and long FG's.

P: Dan Titchener, Jake Wesch

Titchener goes down as the latest in a long line of recent great Nebraska punters. Let's hope he's not needed as much this season.