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Introducing 'A Sea of Red 2008' - Nebraska Football Annual


As its editor, I'm proud to introduce the inaugural issue of 'A Sea of Red 2008', a Nebraska yearbook that should be available now in stores throughout Nebraska and Western Iowa. I have not yet received a specific list from the publisher, but you should be able to find it now where you'd find other football pre-season magazines, i.e., convenience stores, gas stations, Barnes & Noble, Borders, yada yada.

To order online:  Purchase the book at Maple Street Press or at Huskerpedia. Should be up on Amazon in the near future, but ain't there yet apparently.

The purpose of 'A Sea of Red' is to provide Husker fans with a full pre-season guide to the 2008 Nebraska Cornhuskers. That includes a review of how we got to where we are, and a healthy dose of Husker history. Below is an overview of the contents.

Letter from the Editor

Section: 2008 Nebraska Football

Meet the New Nebraska Coaches 
by Brandon Vogel

2007 Individual Statistics for Returning Players

2008 Offensive Preview
by Jon Johnston

2008 Husker Roster

2008 Defensive and Special Teams Previews    
by Jon Johnston

Nebraska Schedule Analysis
by Matt Hinton

The Nebraska Offense
by Steve Sipple

Why Callahan Failed: Arrogance, NFL Methods & Cultural Misunderstanding Led to Demise at NU
by Darren K. Carlson

2007 Season Review: High Expectations, Low Return
by Mike Jaixen

Meet the New Husker Recruits
by Brandon Cavanaugh

Section: State of the Husker Nation

The Return of Tom Osborne
by Mike Jaixen

2008 Nebraska Schedule

The Nebraska Way: The Complete Meaning or Lack Thereof
by Brandon Cavanaugh

Nebraska's Walk-On Program: Fantasy, Reality, Practicality
by Jon Johnston

Is Nebraska Unrivaled?
by Brandon Vogel

Are Nebraskans "The Greatest College Football Fans"?
by Mike Jaixen and AJ The Husker Hater

The "Greatest Fans" Signs--Should They Be Removed?
by Jon Johnston

Running: A Way of LIfe
by Roger Aden

Section: Husker History

Heroes In the Trenches
by Mark Fricke

Written in Stone: An Iconographic History of Memorial Stadium
by Brandon Vogel

All the Bills Have Failed: (Or "Why It's Better to Have a Nickname If You're Going to Coach at Nebraska")
by Jon Johnston

Legends, Workhorses & Vagabonds: Huskers in the NFL
by Jason Siffring