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2008 Big 12 Football Preseason Media Poll Released - Every One Is Safe

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The Big 12 media poll has been released. It's a thing of beauty. Everyone got together and did the safety dance on this one.

1. Missouri, (51) 306
2. Kansas, 234
3. Nebraska, 183
4. Colorado, 181
5. Kansas State, 108
6. Iowa State, 59

1.Oklahoma, (49) 304
2. Texas, (2) 230
3. Texas Tech, 227
4. Oklahoma State, 140
5. Texas A&M, 118
6. Baylor, 52


Everybody loves Missouri! I guess I can't blame 'em. Mizzou has much assets returning including the best returning quarterback in the conference, and perhaps the best in the nation. Kansas is in second place only because no one knows what the hell's going to happen between the other four teams.

You could not vote Nebraska in the top two unless you are deluding yourself and hoping the best hope you have that everything will go the way we want it. Yea, I know that's not sunshine-pumping enough for a lot of you, but that's where we are right now. Between Kansas and Colorado, instead of on top of both of them. That's what the combination of Steve Pederson, Bill Callahan, and Kevin Cosgrove left us.  Want respect? Earn it back. Win all the games you're supposed to and maybe one or two you shouldn't.

In the South, out of 51 people, not a single damned one of them voted for Texas Tech, but two voted for Texas. How safe can you get? Seriously, not one of you guys voted for Tech, and we all know why. Because they've never won the big one. They're not named Oklahoma or Texas and their offense is a gimmick.

It's kind of like the Big 12 college baseball media, every year, just vote for Texas because it's safe and they have Augie Garrido. It's also pretty damned boring.