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Vulcans to Pelini: Live Long and Prosper

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Welcome to the Internet. You’re hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t know at least one little thing about Star Trek. Whether it’s a debate on who the better superior officer was or just what the hell a tribble is the Internet is slathered with Trekkies like a horrific layer of mayonnaise. As you can imagine "interstellar life" also has a take on Nebraska football.

One Nebraska message board poster known as "The Vulcan" was amongst a host of Huskers who were asked what their current expectations are of Bo Pelini and the 2008 season. Like most Vulcans in the celebrated television series this one worked hard to back his ideas up with deep thought but sometimes he seemed highly illogical.


For me, this is more about possibilities than expectations. I am not into predictions, but what do I expect? Like Clubber Lang would say, "PAIN"!

When you’re starting your explanation out with a Rocky reference featuring Mr. T you know you’ve struck gold.

I've said it before, I'll say it again. I just can't see Bo putting on the field a defense ranked only in the top 50, I think he will get it into the top 20 or at least VERY close. I know, I know, that would be a jump of some 80 positions, but so what? Last year was an anomaly. There was too much talent on this team for the defense to give up their shirts and land beyond 100, and we all knew it. That was the shock, not what Bo can do.

Guys like Suh and Turner played far below their expectations, not to mention our LBs who were expected to be the B12's best and most experienced last year. Even Carriker underachieved at NU, he talked about how he was 'cut loose' and allowed to be more aggressive in the pros after leaving Coz's system.

Forget logic we’re going on a full blown leap of faith at first. Hey, I can’t stomp on optimism but I ain’t exactly gonna stop Vulc if he wants to reign things in a bit. Two reminders, bud: Secondary, Defensive Line. As for Adam Carriker underachieving wasn’t he that guy who got drafted in the first round by the Saint Louis Rams? (Called it)

Underachieving big time last year does not mean anything to Bo and here's why.

The bar’s so low it’s actually in the sand!...Wait, no?

Bo was hired to turn around this defense, and BO KNOWS defense

Well Bo knows OF defense to be sure. Still looking back at 2003 makes me a bit cautious. Losing to Missouri, Texas and Kansas State by scores of 42-21, 31-7 and 38-9 don’t exactly put a lot of confidence in me nor does a snoozer of a "defensive battle" against Michigan State. Still the same rule of thumb rings true in college football: Winning begets talent and talent begets winning.

Okay, so Bo was gone as of ’04 and Oklahoma was his new home. They went on a tear before being plunked 55-19 by USC for the National Title, so hey, we’ll call it a mulligan. Bo then went to the home of po’boys and Death Valley as the LSU Tigers looked to revamp their image a bit. It seemed that the further South Bo went the better his defenses got. Sheer coincidence I’m sure. Regardless the only losses Pelini’s 2006 troops had on their shoulders were a 7-3 loss to #3 Auburn and a 23-10 loss to #10 Florida. Now we’re talking

Come 2007 Bo was in full stride and we all know the story of LSU’s National Championship let alone Bo’s trip here so hey, maybe Vulc’s got a point. Then again he did head North…

Bo can MOTIVATE big time, something we have not seen since TO, players will play BEYOND their abilities

I think superpowers are being implied here.

Bo has NEVER produced a defense ranked outside the top 20

Nebraska NEVER gave up 76 points to Kansas before either, buddy.

Bo has a simpler, much more aggressive, disruptive scheme than Coz; faster, more hitting, less thinking


Bo will emphasize turnovers which alone will jump our D in rankings a lot

Question: Doesn’t every coach emphasize turnovers? Isn’t that the point of a defense? To get the ball back I mean.


If OL and running game improve as expected, that will rest and assist our D, adding to their improvement

Paradox: If the OL and running game improve that much won’t the defense be playing more as Nebraska will be scoring more? You can't have it both ways, space man.

Bo knows the spread, Coz just plain didn't

Perhaps but Bo did know Brad Smith and that was bad enough.

Say goodbye to Big Ten defensive strategies that got ripped in the B12

Say hello to new strategies like "effort"

Better S&C, not sure why that was off last year, but expect slimmer, faster players on the field

Nebraska had different S&C coaches last year. May have contributed but still unsubstantiated rumor.

SPEED KILLS: Bo will put more speed on the field, both by design and by S&C

I think this goes under the superpowers plan again. Vulc and I do agree here, though. Speed is essential; however speed is just like any other strategic weapon: If you live by it you can and most likely will eventually die by it a few times.

FUNDAMENTALS: Bo will teach basics; good tackling, positioning and footwork, no more arm tackling or gaping holes

I personally look for coaches who teach poor tackling, positioning and footwork. Standing still = national titles. Control the offense WITH YOUR MIND.

SWARMING don't run, you don't play

You don't play, we've got cattle prods.

DISRUPTION: You don't disrupt, hit and give 100%, you don't play

First it was pubic bone problems then knee injuries and now concussions. When will it end?


FORCED TURNOVERS: Bo will preach it, demand it, and WILL it

Holy crap we are talking superpowers.

INTS: Blackshirt secondary will be a holy terror to opponents this year

All 1 ½ deep of them


Hard hitting’s usually a pain anyway, man.

IDENTITY: TO hired Bo to do what his teams did, be an opponent other teams DON'T WANT to play...and Bo can do

Technically Tom hired Bo to do what Charlie McBride’s defenses did. I’m not a fan of Zach Potter running the option.

TRADITION: The Blackshirt will again have meaning, fearsome defense will again rule at NU from Bo's 1ST year, not later

What’s that line about famous last words?

EXCELLENCE: Expect hard work, effort and intelligence again on the field in typical NU fashion

I’m all about and agree with the first two but I’m sorry, Vulc. Tyrone Williams was not a Rhodes Scholar and he can play linebacker for me any day.

Sure there was talent on the 2003 team, but Bo put them on the map when no one else did, expect the same in 2008

Craig Bohl didn’t have much choice, Vulc. The guy got canned.

180 DL turnaround; Suh, Turner and Potter will be on the map this year big time

These guys, however, did not. It’s not the guys at DL I’m worried about. It’s the amount.

LBs are our biggest question mark but Bo will prevail, Dillard & Glenn will explode, and expect a surprise or two there

A new middle linebacker is called a blessing not a surprise.

Last year's Blackshirt embarrassment will have a huge effect turning players around (Bo quietly plays that like a fiddle)

If Missouri beats Nebraska this year, I fear for Gary Pinkel’s life.

Bo is a solid authority figure (something you see in person clearly) which is exactly what was missing last year

Are you suggesting that our weekly group therapy sessions failed, sir?

The loudness of NU fans will intensify on D, our knowledgeable fans WILL helps turn the D around

I’m sorry, Vulc. I have been told too many times to sit down and I’m a people pleaser. Also: superpowers.

We have talented players, Bo ill provide the brains and leadership to overachieve in traditional NU form

Talent doesn’t equate to overachieving. It’s just living up to expectations. Given we have pretty high ones here at Dear Ol’ Nebraska U but still…

NU's great run was due to two great coaches, both showing greatness from their first season, might it not be so for Bo?

As much crap as I give Vulc, I’m going to drink the kool-aid on this one. I’m looking for the history to write a "bump in the road" too, my friend. I’ll give the neck-pincher one thing: He’s optimistic and clearly has passion. If Nebraska’s defense plays with that same intensity then everything he lists could very well happen. Personally I expect a few more bumps and bruises. You know growing pains. It’s still hard to argue against one of the most logical creatures in the galaxy even if they are fictional.