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Corn Flakes - November In Norman We'll Party Like It's 1971!

  Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione wants to celebrate the 1971 'Game of the Century' when Nebraska visits Norman on November 1st:

Castiglione's plan is to celebrate the legendary 1971 meeting of the two "Big Reds." He reportedly intends to invite and honor everyone from both teams involved in "The Game of the Century."

This is a very cool idea. Just the thing to bring the two rivals back together on good terms, especially after Callahan's gaffs in recent years. My thing about Callahan's effing hillbillies remark was this: If Billy C thought the Okies were hillbillies, what did he think of Nebraskans? Probably the same thing, especially given some of the comments he made about us.

Ah, well. We can all get together and act like we're still rivals, talk about the greatest game in college football history, and then the Sooners will probably kick our ass.... or maybe not. With a bunch of glory-day Huskers on the sidelines the Cornhuskers will have an extra incentive to win. Yeah.

You'll need to prepare yourselves by getting Michael Corcoran's 'Game Of The Century' - best book available on the subject.

And did you hear the one about two Oklahoma players getting caught for cocaine distribution? You didn't? Well, it was fake. Imagine that, some guy doing a mock-up of The Oklahoman and having it picked up as real news by two Texas radio stations. It's this  Internet thing again:

"We feel it's real unfortunate how many things have germinated from an anonymous starting point that are unfounded, untrue and, as this story proves, hurtful," Mossman said. "The Internet has enabled a lot of this kind of thing to happen, and it's really disappointing."

Damn you, Internet! Damn You! There were no hoaxes before you came along!!!!

The article doesn't mention whether the radio stations will be in trouble for finding stuff on a message board and reporting it as fact. Apparently radio stations are incapable of perpetrating hoaxes unless they're about Martians invading and taking over the earth or something so fantastic that no one would believe it.

Take a look at this 5-7 prediction from Chip Brown of the Dallas News. He's got us winning three conference games, but then gives us two non-con losses. That would be Virginia Tech and who??? And he picks Kansas State as getting their only conference win against us. Maybe that's not so nuts since KSU seems to pull off a game they have no business winning every year. Here's his bit on Nebraska:

4.   NEBRASKA Record: 5-7, 3-5
League losses: Missouri, at Texas Tech, at Oklahoma, Kansas, at Kansas St. Bottom line: Bo Pelini gets no favors from the schedule with Virginia Tech and road games at Tech and OU. He also must endure the growing pains of a first-year coach while replacing the back seven of his defense.

Apparently he has a very low opinion of this year's Cornhuskers, Bo Pelini. Just so you know, we're not replacing the back seven. We have Philllip Dillard as a returning starter at middle linebacker, experienced secondary players in Armando Murillo and Larry Asante. Major Culbert has seen the field enough to make a difference as has Ricky Thenarse. The cupboard isn't bare. There isn't as much depth as you'd like to see, but I could understand 6-6. But 5-7? Come on, Chip, geez!

Sunday Morning Quarterback previews the Nebraska - Virginia Tech game with his usual wit:

But 4-0 in September, with the program's best win in three years as a jumping-off point for the conference gauntlet, immediately establishes Pellini's Huskers as a revived, hungry threat. If they're feeling confident now, the last thing Missouri and Kansas want to see is the old sleeping giant lifting its weary head on the horizon. Nebraska needs that before Mizzou comes in the following week.

Sleeping giant. I like that. I think he has a point. Mizzou fans may not want to admit it, but there's a lot to be said for confidence level going into the first conference game of the season.

Todd Peterson will be blogging for the Sporting News this season! Or maybe he won't be blogging, per se, but will be writing for an online publication. There's a big difference, isn't there? Either way, it'll be interesting to see what he has to say. I'm sure it won't be sanitized any more than your typical World War II letter home. Other Big 12 participants will include Chase Daniel, Colt McCoy and George Hypolite of Colorado.

It's all part of a new thang from SN that will be called Sporting News Today:

Sporting News Today announced on Wednesday that Missouri’s senior quarterback is among 22 college football players who will write weekly columns this season for what’s being billed as the "nation’s first digital daily sports section."


Digital daily sports section? Holy cow! Sports every day? How can they do that? That's more amazing than instant coffee! Next thing you know someone will come up with an easy way for us to put our own videos online. Now, that would be interesting. Probably wouldn't fly, though. Sports news every day? Videos from rank amateurs? It's just too much.

Not really Nebraska-related.... but it is about big-time college football.  The fact that Rich Rod and the University of Michigan have to pay $4M back to West Virginia is good for college football, at least in the short term. What you hope is that athletic directors across the nation insist on huge buy-out clauses in their coaches contracts and that will slow down this damned arms race that's going on in Div IA sports. Left unabated sooner or later big-time college football will either collapse under it's own weight with catastrophic implications (ala mortgage crisis) or come under the scrutiny of the federal government. Trust me, you want neither of these to happen.