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LSU to the College World Series - Will Pelini Wear Purple?

Tonight, LSU absolutely thrashed Cal-Irvine 21-7 to clinch a College World Series berth in Omaha. Great news for Omahans, as the Tiger fans love to come to Omaha, and Tiger fans are always welcome in Omaha.

There's always been a little bit of affection for the Tigers in these parts, especially after LSU upset Tennessee in 2001 to allow the Huskers to back into a Rose Bowl berth. And a new connection between LSU and Nebraska was born this past winter when LSU defensive coordinator Bo Pelini returned to Nebraska as head football coach.

Pelini has immersed himself in Husker sports, showing up at wrestling matches as well as a few baseball games. Will Pelini head to Omaha this next weekend in support of his former school? I'd almost expect it.

Which raises the question... will Pelini break out some of his old LSU apparel? And if so, how will Husker fans react?

My take is? Who gives a dang what Bo Pelini wears to a College World Series game when the Huskers aren't in it? If he wants to support the Tigers, go for it. He lived and worked in Baton Rouge for three years.

But that being said... I'm sure there are a few fans who weren't happy that Pelini helped coach the Tigers in the BCS title game. They wanted Pelini to cut the cord the moment he walked to the podium in Lincoln. They won't be happy if Pelini is cheering on the Tigers in June. (Even though it's baseball season, fall practice doesn't start for another 7 weeks, and it's not like he's rooting against the Huskers.)

What's your take? Not that it really matters... Bo Pelini is going to do what he wants anyway. If you don't like it... "Tough!"