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The Stupidest Fan In College Baseball - And Super Regional Round Up

Had soccer tournaments this weekend, but in-between watching kids got in some college baseball.

Sunday I took in the Florida State-Wichita State game for a while. Proving that it's not just pro fans who have their moments of complete stupidity, a Florida State fan reached over the fence to catch a foul ball in the second inning. FSU's third baseman was in perfect position to record the third out and get out of the inning.

Ever notice that stupid people are also the unluckiest? They go together very well. The next pitch is a home run for Andy Dirks of Wichita State, cutting FSU's lead to 6-2 and giving the Shockers some life.

Lucky for the dumb guy Florida State won the game, otherwise it'd have been more than just the stadium he'd had to leave. With the economy being what it is, it's a bad time to have to sell the house and find a job somewhere else.

Full video of the stupidity is available here.

ESPN continued to flip back to the guy until he was escorted from the stadium, probably for his own safety.

Several teams are already in the CWS:

  • Standford was the first, sweeping Cal State Fullerton. Given where Stanford was predicted to be, they have had an incredible year.
  • North Carolina - no shock that they swept Coastal Carolina.
  • Florida State - Shockers just couldn't get it done over a team with incredible offense, the Seminoles putting up 32 runs in three games.
  • Miami had a lot more problems with Arizona than I expected. I watched a lot of Sunday's game. Arizona just couldn't bring their base runners home, while Miami was incredible at defense and pitching when they needed to be.
  • Georgia mashed NC State on Sunday. Not all that surprising.
  • Rice eliminates the Big 12. Damn. That's depressing.

The Last of the Super Regional Action:

  • LSU wouldn't die and go away quietly, coming back to beat UC Irvine and pushing that series to game three. Nothing against LSU, I'd just rather see UC Irvine in the CWS as it would make me feel better about the Nebraska loss.
  • I guess I thought that Arizona State would take their series in two games. Fresno State is proving to be more competitive than I thought they would be, mostly because the Sun Devils have been incredible this season.