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2008 College Baseball Super Regional Links 'n' Stuff

CSTV Online Coverge Links

Cary Regional
NORTH CAROLINA v. Coastal Carolina [Audio]
Coral Gables Regional (Televised on ESPNU)
MIAMI v. Arizona [Audio]
MIAMI v. Arizona [Audio]

Houston Regional
Rice: Press Conference (Video)

Rice vs Texas A&M: Post Game Press Conference (Video)

Another Press Conference

Tallahassee Regional
FLORIDA STATE vs. Wichita State: Post-Game Press Conference (Video)

FLORIDA STATE vs. Wichita State: Post-Game Press Conference (Video)

Blogs To Follow:

College Baseball Blog

Miami vs. Arizona
Georgia  vs NC State
LSU vs UC Irvine
Texas A&M  vs Rice
Florida State  vs Wichita State
North Carolina  vs Coastal Carolina
Arizona State vs Fresno State

Very interesting match ups - just like college football you see a bunch of teams that wouldn't ever play each other during the regular season come together at the end.

If I had to pick the winners (in no particular order):

  • Miami - the best team in the nation
  • Georgia - I'm cheating, they're already up 1-0.
  • UC Irvine - scrappy team, been there, done that.
  • Rice - Rod Childress has only been a head coach a couple years
  • Wichita State - rooting for the Midwestern team, you know it!
  • Coastal Carolina - rooting for the underdog
  • Arizona State - big big big offense