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Husker Starting Tight End Teafatiller Arrested

Sure starter senior tight end Hunter Teafatiller was arrested this past weekend for suspicion of DUI . He blew a .20, over twice the legal limit of .08, as if anyone needs to be told what that is anymore.

Here's guessing Teafatiller's actions over the weekend will result in his dismissal from the team as it wasn't the first time he'd been caught doing something stupid as he was arrested twice last year for DUI .

Hunter Teafatiller had the world at his fingertips. He comes into 2008 with nine career receptions, 112 yards and four touchdowns. He had five receptions in 2006, four of those being touchdowns. While those stats weren't going to get him any pre-season lists, he was our only senior tight end, having started two games and played in 32 others while the other guys behind him barely have experience stepping on the field. That's a guy that's pretty much a guaranteed starter unless he gets injured or does something stupid.

I don't mean to get on an ivory tower having been arrested for DWI myself when I was nineteen. I know stupid. I have done more stupid things in my life than you and your extended family put together. Trying to race your mom's van down the main street of your home town in front of the police station at 2:30 am during a snow storm is pretty damned stupid. Just how stupid it is hits you when you're sliding sideways at about 45 mph, hoping you don't hit a light pole, and you simultaneously notice that the cops have not yet gone to bed but are standing right next to their car watching you from about 20 yards away.

The difference between my stupidity and Hunter's stupidity is that I wasn't going to be the starting tight end of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Next to no one gave a damn that I was arrested for DWI and spent the night in jail. I spent the next year on probation with a paper license that told everyone I handed it to that I was a problem. It sucked and I learned from it.

Here's an idea. Surround yourself with people who have more sense than you who can stop you from doing stupid things and getting caught for them. At least one of them will have the sense to say "Hey, this is stupid. We could get caught!" and then everything will be fine. You might not stop doing stupid things, but you'll be aware that there are severe consequences.  It has helped me through the years. Maybe it can help someone else.

If you can't find other people with more sense, then you need to stop being stupid all by yourself. For some of us this is incredibly difficult, but if that's the only thing left, then that's what you need to do.

Good luck to you, Hunter Teafatiller. I hope things work out for you.