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The Horns Hooketh and the Horns Taketh Away

Recently we spoke about Nebraska’s…okay it was really my view as a Nebraska fan’s top five most hated teams. A fine discussion is currently being had over just who are missing and why I only put one Big XII team on the list. Jeff from Beatrice was curious over this very issue.  He writes:


Read your "Five Most Wanted" blog. One school you might want to consider putting into a category all their own: The Evil Empire (aka Texas Longhorns). When the Big XII formed, it didn't take me long to understand why OU despises anything and everything Burnt Orange. In my opinion, UT is everything that's wrong with college athletics these days; from the gaudy coaches' salaries, the facilities "arms race" and just too much of an emphasis on $$$$$ in general.


Politically, they call the tune in the Big XII boardroom and the other schools just roll over and go along with them. Money talks, bulls#%t walks, as usual. And they seem to ooze arrogance. It takes some Texas-sized "onions" to just swagger into the boardroom, throw the cowboy boots on the table and say 'we're the new sheriff in town, deal with it,' especially when it was the old Big 8 that bailed their sorry asses out of the floudering SWC. Last , but not least, it doesn't help my blood pressure any that the 'Horns seem to have the Huskers "number" on the football field.


What do you think?


Jeff makes a fine point as...well, let’s face it Texas did call the shots when it came to the formation of the Big XII. They got a conference split, kept the Red River Shootout intact and made sure that the ol’ Republic got plenty of bank. That said, money is a driving force in college football whether we like it or not.


Oh sure, I like to enjoy the pomp and pageantry but we’d be lying to ourselves if we said that there wasn’t an "arms race" going on when it comes to what’s new and hot in facilities, uniforms, etc.  Technology in locker rooms, more advanced technique and abilities in weight rooms, nutritionists, heck look at what Nebraska herself did lately. More improvements are in the works too, you know.


Now when you talk about the Longhorns’ boardroom prowess, I’ve met many a Texan who can seal him a fine deal, but I think the underlying factor here is what I spoke about with the two Florida schools on my list: heartache.




I’m going to toss out a few years associated with Texas and any Nebraska fan in the audience can tell me what they immediately think of: 1996, 1998, 2006 and 2007. Anyone? If I could sum up the Nebraska-Texas series during those years I’d do so using one word: almost. Nebraska almost won but Texas somehow managed to pull it out ala Sooner Magic.  Yes, that’s right Longhorns. I’m comparing you to the Sooners. We can take this into the street if that’s where it belongs.


Still you have to give it to Coach Brown. He can cherry pick his state and be recruiting for 2017 while fantastic prospects still remain, he’s only a few years off of a national championship won by beating the Greatest Team Ever and he just is…too damn likable.


As much as I would like to hate Texas and probably should it seems that UT seems more like Oklahoma to Nebraska than even the Sooners themselves do these days. With all of the "Rival Confusion" that Nebraska seems to be facing is it any wonder we’re talking about the Battle for the Missouri-Nebraska Bell so much?