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Nebraska's Five Most Wanted

A little while back we spoke about team hatred.  Seems to be trendy these days. Ask A.J. the Husker Hater. Dude actually has to take a sabbatical in order to think up things to hate about Nebraska. I asked myself if Nebraska fans had a top five list (yes, it’s summer) of teams that THEY despise just who would be on it?  For that matter, who would be number one?

5. Michigan



Yes, yes we understand.  2005 was a fluke of monumental proportions.  It was all there: Sun Belt referees, the chili served near the riverfront was too spicy, the phase of the moon was off, the ghost of Woody Hayes rose up from the grave and he did SMITE Big Blue.  I don’t think I could call this a "hatred" of Michigan rather than a mild irritation, however if the two teams have the sort of seasons predicted, the Wolverines may have an opportunity for an Alamo Bowl do-over.

4. Miami (FL)


An oldie but a goodie.  What true blue (red?) Cornhusker fan doesn’t enjoy seeing Miami lose?  Why yes it is because of the heartbreak caused during the eighties and early 90’s, but this manner of distaste has faded in recent years much like the good fortunes of the football team.  Much as I stated about the Nebraska program, it’s hard to hate a program that you feel bad for or that loses to the point where you stop caring.  The gauntlet has been thrown, Hurricanes: Stop sucking for the good of the relationship!

3. Missouri



What's this?! A new challenger approacheth! Here’s where it gets interesting.  Up until recently the Battle for the Missouri-Nebraska Bell was more often than not viewed as a trap game but with the introduction of Chase Daniel, Jeremy Maclin and even players who have left us such as Martin Rucker (a one-time Nebraska recruiting slam dunk) and Chase Coffman, things got a little heated.

It didn’t help things when Mizzou mopped the floor with the Cornhuskers in Columbia last year not only taking out years of frustration but making Gary Pinkel look competent.  This is a feat that should cause one to hang their heads low for that year-long period between games.  Nebraska has almost seemingly been searching for a true rival since the Big 8 split.  Colorado and Kansas State have tried to make a case with ABC trying to cram the former down our throats, but the Missouri Tigers may just be the new kids on the block that Nebraska wants to kick sand in the face of.  Dare I say it?  A…feud?

2. Florida State



Much like Miami, FSU makes the list simply because of heartbreak.  That and I curse the day that the Bowden family was released on college football like a plague of locusts.  If I have to hear one more reference to Momma Bowden not carin’ for the boys stayin’ up late, it’s going to get to the point of sacrificing goats to get Bobby to retire.  Of course we all know he won’t as long as ol’ JoePa (who we ain’t to fond of neither) is ticking.  In terms of who’ll go first,  I haven’t seen Bobby leave the sidelines for a trip to the little boy’s room yet.  Emphasis on the word "yet".

1. Notre Dame


Congratulations, Brady Quinn, you made it fashionable to hate Notre Dame again!  Whether it was the horrendous double jersey owned by your sister one half of course being of a man who flat out owned you or the commercials done by Hummer that wrote their own jokes, Notre Dame, Charlie Weis and the Irish are back on most everyone’s crap list.  Notice how I didn’t even have to mention Jimmy Clausen for him to enter your mind? 

Nebraska and Notre Dame actually have more in common than not this year.  Both performed horribly in 2007 to record levels.  Both should see noted improvement in 2008.  However Nebraska does have the edge in Head Coach overall record and cholesterol count going into the season.  It seems that a Notre Dame-Nebraska series is one that fans of the Cornhuskers want to see just about as badly as any other one.  Why?  Because Rudy’s a jerk that’s why.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not vilifying every fan of these teams.  I know some fantastic people who root for them even the self-proclaimed "Husker Hater" himself.  Doesn't mean I can't wait for his team to lose or at least have Nebraska own the tiebreaker in the North.