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Nebraska Baseball 2008 - Disappointing End to a Great Season

Nebraska looked like all the gas had gone out of them in yesterday’s final game against Oral Roberts. I don’t doubt it was a hangover from the 3-2 loss against UC Irvine the night before. Against Oral Roberts, the Huskers didn't get a hit until the seventh inning and then finished with only two. They ended up going scoreless for only the second time in the history of Haymarket Park. Kind of a sad ending to a pretty good season.

Nebraska’ offense was weak all season - yet they managed to get to a 41-16 record and postseason play. That’s saying something for the grit of this team as it was pitching, defense, and timely hitting that got them where they were. Other than Johnny Dorn, pitching failed in the regional and the offense wasn’t there to pull them through.

It’s disappointing that we didn’t win our own regional but given the expectations at the start of the season it’s hard to consider it a disappointment.

Husker baseball fans say goodbye to a talented group of seniors:

  • Johnny Dorn
  • Mitch Abeita
  • Jake Opitz
  • Bryce Nimmo
  • Craig Corriston
  • Thad Weber

Corn Nation wishes you the best in whatever career path you choose. Thanks for a great season!

I am now moving into the off-season with the rest of you. I’ll probably continue to follow the college baseball tourney, but not with the same vigor as previously. I guess I’ll be rooting for an underdog like Wichita State or Rice. Most definitely I’ll be rooting against the SEC.

I realize that for most of you the off-season started with the conclusion of the Red-White Spring Game in April. One of the many reasons I became a college baseball fan was to fill the void between the last football game and the start of fall practice. Other than the NFL, I don’t follow pro sports (that’s a whole other article), so college baseball is a natural fit. Plus, Nebraska is good at college baseball and Haymarket Park is one of the best venues in the nation, so why not?