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2008 NCAA College Baseball Tourney: Big 12 Losses Piling Up


  • Missouri - gone
  • Nebraska - gone
  • Texas - gone
  • Oklahoma State - gone
  • Oklahoma - gone

Houston beat Texas A&M yesterday, so the two will play again this evening to determine the winner of the College Station regional. The winner will advance to meet Rice who eliminated Texas yesterday.

Missouri became the first Big 12 team eliminated after losing yesterday to Ole Miss, 9-6. The Tigers got into a very tough regional but still didn’t have the kind of year they wanted. They underachieved throughout the regular season and the end result has to be disappointing.

Oklahoma eliminated Vanderbilt, beating them twice before losing to Arizona State. For a team that everyone said shouldn’t be in the tourney they did pretty well.

If I had to pick a Big 12 team that would make it to Omaha, I would have picked Oklahoma State. Unfortunately their season was ended by the Wichita State Shockers last night in a 10-inning game. If you’re wondering about a team to root for and you’re a Big 12 fan, look no further than the Shockers. They’re a midwestern team, baseball is a huge sport for them, and their head coach, Gene Stephenson has been around nearly 30 years and is a class act.

More on Nebraska later this morning......