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Nominations for the Big 12 Pre-Season Team - Take Two

Corn Blight already posted his , so here are my nominees from the Big Red for a Pre-Season team.  Just to remind you of the ground rules:

From each of your respective rosters, highlight the following number of players at each position whom you wish to nominate for the Big 12 team- (1) qb (2) rb (2) wr (1) te (3) ol (3) dl (2) lb (3) db (1) k (1) p.

QB:  Joe Ganz

That's a no-brainer.  Except for Beau Davis, nobody else has taken a snap in a D-1 game.

IB:  Marlon Lucky, Roy Helu

I'll take Helu because he might just be Nebraska's most complete back.  He can run the ball inside or outside.  He can catch the ball and he can block.  He won't get any votes on the all-conference team, but he'll get a vote for top two Husker running backs.

WR:  Nate Swift, Curenski Gilleylen

Corn Blight talked up Swift, but with the departures of Terrence Nunn and Maurice Purify, one of the young receivers is going to have to step up.  And Gilleylen showed some nice wheels in the Spring Game; he might be the deep threat that we really haven't seen in Lincoln in years.

TE:  Hunter Teafatiller

Yeah, I know he's likely to be suspended part of the season, if not longer.  But he's got game experience and has had some big catches in the past.

OL:  Matt Slauson, Jaivorio Burkes, Mike Huff

Slauson was an impact player as a freshman and sophomore.  His junior season was forgettable...but it was forgettable for the entire program.  Burkes burned a redshirt and immediately started.

DL:  Ndamakong Suh, Barry Turner, Zach Potter

We all know how bad the defense was in 2007, so we're just going to take our best shots here and guess (hope) who's going to step up.  Phil Steele thinks these three guys are in the upper third of the Big XII ... that's good enough for me.

LB:  Phillip Dillard, Cody Glenn

Dillard's the easy choice, but for the other spot, you've really got to think.  Tyler Wortman does deserve a mention, but Glenn looks like he's going to be Bo Pelini's pet project.  He wants to finish up his career with a bag.

DB:  Larry Asante, Armando Murillo, Rickey Thenarse

Steele also mentioned Murillo and Asante, and as the two returning starters in the secondary, have to get a mention.  Who else will step up?  Hard to say, but after remembering what the Bullocks brothers did under Marvin Sanders in 2003, you have to wonder just what he can do with Thenarse.

K:  Adi Kunalic

Yeah, he'll probably only try a couple of field goals, but the guy gives us touchbacks after kickoffs.  That might be a 15 yard advantage in field position after each score.

P:  Dan Titchener

Like Ganz, this one's another no brainer. go ahead and rip me or Corn Blight.  If we're full of it, let us know...