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I Screamed But It Was Too Late

So last night I'm assuming the proper blogger position (in my underwear in my mom's basement ) - sitting down in my big comfy chair and preparing to finish a couple articles, one for this site, one for another.

My laptop bag is open in front of the end table, with my beloved Macbook Pro inside, and as I reach for the bag, some jackass (me) has left a huge glass of water right in front of it, which I tip over and the entire contents go into the top of the bag, at which point I went: (G-rated version):


I might as well flooded the laptop bag. Needless to say it didn't fire up. I immediately shut it down and removed the battery, made no attempt to attach it to power as I know better than that.

So, we'll see what happens in a couple days as it dries out. In the mean time I'll feel naked and alone. Sad that I have that big a connection to a piece of electronics.

All of the fabulous links I've collected for the CWS are on that laptop. I've started on the book review cycle again and have a couple ready to go -  on that laptop. Snarky follow ups to previously dead issues that I'd like to resurrect - all on that laptop.

Poo (not really what I'm thinking, but it's family friendly)

I have a loaner I'll carry from work - a lenovo Thinkpad R61e (okay laptop, but a POS compared to a Macbook Pro) with clacky keys.

Crap baskets (insert your favorite talk like a sailor phrase here). I hope the thing comes back to life. Until then... well, I'll do my best (with a lot of bitterness that I'll take out on everyone and everything around me).

CWS starts Saturday, remember. Not Friday. That's really confusing, isn't it?

A bunch of good teams (not including Arizona State) play each other in an exciting example of collegiate sports at its finest.

Argh. I say again. Argh.