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Dienhart: Lucky Better Fit for NFL Than All Those Short Big 12 Quarterbacks

Tom Dienhart at Rivals recently spoke with a NFL scout who stated that none of those star Big 12 quarterbacks we're all going on about will be making it big in the NFL:

But are any of these signal-callers NFL prospects? I talked to an NFL scout who follows the Big 12 to get his views.

"No, most of these guys don't project as big-time prospects," he says. "Most are short quarterbacks who excel in their system.

Ha! Short system quarterbacks! Two kisses of death in a single sentence! He adds extra gravy on top of Chase Daniel when he compares him to Doug Flutie knowing fully well there can only be one short NFL quarterback that was a winner in college and the professional level.

Dienhart doesn't give up the name of the NFL scout, but I'm betting the guy threw that 'short quarterbacks' line out there with the same self-assuredness Dave Wannstedt felt around Bill Callahan.

No sudden moves, Billy C. He could crush you like a bug.

Hey, but the NFL scout guy does same something nice about our own Marlon Lucky:

"I'll tell you who I really like: (Nebraska RB Marlon) Lucky," he says. "He's a good player who showed up in every game last year. With the way he runs and catches, I think he'd be perfect for a West Coast offense.

Eeewwww, though. The West Coast Offense? Gives you the billies, doesn't it? No word on whether or not Lucky fits in the new "Nebraska offense" that Shawn Watson is set to unveil. Good thing Watson re-named it, otherwise people might think it was the same thing and expect even more out of Lucky than he's already delivered.

Marlon Lucky - destined to be a star, hopefully before he gets to the NFL.