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2008 NCAA College Baseball Tourney - CSTV Sunday Links

Athens Regional
Georgia Tech v. TBD [Audio]
Cary Regional
NORTH CAROLINA v. TBD [Audio] [Opponent will need to be updated after the first game has been decided]
College Station Regional
TEXAS A&M v. TBD [Video]
Houston v. UIC [Video]
Conway Regional
EAST CAROLINA v. Alabama [Audio]
Coral Gables Regional (Televised on ESPNU)
MIAMI v. TBD [Audio]
Houston Regional
Texas v. St. John's (Video)
Texas v. St. John's: Post-Game Press Conference (Video)
Rice v. TBD (Video)
Rice v. TBD: Post-Game Press Conference (Video)
Lincoln Regional
Nebraska v. UC Irvine [Video - Tape Delayed] - Currently on College Sports TV - CSTV
Raleigh Regional
SOUTH CAROLINA v. James Madison [Audio]
Tallahassee Regional
FLORIDA STATE vs. Bucknell: Post-Game Press Conference (Video)
TULANE v. TBD (Audio)
TULANE v. TBD: Post-Game Press Conference (Video)
Tempe Regional
OKLAHOMA vs. Vanderbilt (Audio)
VANDERBILT v. Oklahoma (Audio)
VANDERBILT v. Oklahoma [Video]
Stanford Regional
Stanford v. UC Davis [Video]
Pepperdine v. TBD [Video]

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