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2008 NCAA College Baseball Tourney - Winners, Losers, And Those That Are Gone


2-0 Teams - Doing Well, In No Danger


Miami - wins over Bethune Cookman 7-4, Missouri 6-5
Arizona - wins over Eastern Michigan 13-7, Michigan 4-3
North Carolina State - wins over James Madison 6-2, South Carolina 5-4
Georgia Tech - wins over Louisville 8-5, Lipscomb 6-3
UCLA - wins over Virginia 3-2, Cal State Fullerton 11-4
Pepperdine - wins over Arkansas 4-3, UC Davis 7-2
Wichita State - wins over TCU 8-5, Oklahoma State 5-3
Tulane - wins over Florida, Bucknell 4-1
North Carolina - wins over Mount St Mary’s 16-8,  UNC Wilmington 5-1
Coastal Carolina - wins over Columbia 10-2, Alabama 13-10
UC - Irvine - wins over Oral Roberts 9-7, Nebraska 3-2
LSU - wins over Texas Southern 12-1, Southern Miss 13-4
Rice - wins over Sam Houston State 3-2, St Johns (NY) 11-2
Texas A&M - wins over Illinois-Chicago 15-1, Houston 22-4
Fresno State - wins over Long Beach State 7-3, San Diego 6-0
Arizona State - wins over Stony Brook 9-7, Oklahoma 15-3


Win Or Go Home:

Missouri - Ole Miss
Michigan - Kentucky
South Carolina - James Madison
Lipscomb - Georgia
Cal State Fullerton - Virginia
UC Davis - Stanford
Oklahoma State - TCU
Bucknell - Florida State
Alabama - East Carolina
Nebraska - Oral Roberts
Southern Miss - New Orleans
UNC Wilmington - Elon
St Johns (NY) - Texas
Oklahoma - Vanderbilt
San Diego - Long Beach State

Teams That Are Gone, Out, Beaten, Their Seasons Are Over

Bethune Cookman - loss to Miami 7-4, Ole Miss 14-1
Eastern Michigan - loss to Arizona 13-7, Kentucky 4-3
Charlotte - loss to South Carolina 15-8, James Madison 13-12
Louisville - loss to Georgia Tech 8-5, Georgia 9-8
Rider - loss to CSF 11-0,   Virginia 8-2
Arkansas - loss to Pepperdine 4-3, Stanford 5-1
Western Kentucky -  loss to Oklahoma State 5-3, TCU 10-4
Florida -  loss to Tulane 7-4,  Florida State 17-11
Mount St Mary’s - Loss to North Carolina 16-8,  Elon 6-3
Eastern Illinois  - loss to Nebraska 13-10,  Oral Roberts 8-7
Texas Southern - loss to LSU 12-1, New Orleans 18-5
Sam Houston State - loss to Rice 3-2, Texas 13-3
Dallas Baptist - loss to Houston 9-5, Illinois-Chicago 9-5
California - Loss to San Diego 5-0, Long Beach State 9-2
Stony Brook - loss to Arizona State 9-7, Vanderbilt 9-4


Arkansas goes 0-2. They didn’t make the SEC post-season tourney and yet they were selected for the NCAA tourney. Clearly they did not belong. I hate it that the SEC just automatically gets a gob of teams in the tourney because they’re the SEC.

Which is why I weep no tears for Florida. At least they were in the SEC tourney, but, quick, look at that list of schools that are gone and name another conference besides the SEC.

Dallas Baptist going this early may be a bit of a shock to those that follow the game, but I don’t think so. Maybe the loss to UIC is a little shocking but anyone can lose one game in baseball and that’s the dangerous part of the tourney. Lose a game and you’re exposed.

Who’s missing on that list of losers? The Big 12, although that may change quite a bit today.

I think it’s safe to say that the Aggies are out of their slump. 37 runs in two games? Uh, like, wow, dude? They’re the only ‘safe’ team in the Big 12.

Fresno State’s two wins.… coming against Long Beach State and San Diego - these aren’t exactly weenie boy teams. I know nothing about Fresno State, but this kind of stuff makes me wonder what’s going on out there in Callyfornia.