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Big 12 Baseball Weekly Review - April 13th, 2008 - Nothing Shocking Version

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In the Big 12 this week:

- Not a lot of surprises this week with the exception of Kansas sweeping Oklahoma. Oh, and their win over Missouri midweek.
- Texas won a series over Baylor to move to .500 and fifth in the Big 12. No shock there.
- Missouri won a series over Kansas State. No shock there.
- Texas A&M, Nebraska and Oklahoma State both beat non-conference foes. No shock there.
- Texas Tech didn't lose because they didn't play. No shocking result there either.
- The Aggies became the first 40-win team in the nation this past weekend. Maybe that's shocking?

Big 12 Baseball Weekly Review - May 4th, 2008

Big 12 National Rankings
National Collegiate Baseball Writers April 28 TexasA&M, 6th; Nebraska, 9th; Oklahoma State 10th; Missouri, 14th; Texas, 26th
Baseball America Top 25 April 28 Nebraska, 6th; ; Oklahoma State, 9th; Texas A&M, 10th; Missouri, 15th 
Collegiate Baseball Top 25 April 28 Texas A&M, 6th; Nebraska, 10th;   Oklahoma State, 12th; Missouri, 14th;
ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll April 28 Texas A&M, 5th;  Nebraska, 7th; Oklahoma State 9th; Missouri, 16th; 

Record Last Week Results Upcoming (RPI)
Baylor 3-2 Tue., Apr. 29     Baylor 14, UT Arlington 4
Wed., Apr. 30     Baylor 14, Sam Houston State 4 (8)
Fri., May 2     Texas 12, Baylor 1
Sat., May 3     Baylor 6, Texas 1
Sun., May 4     Texas 2, Baylor 0
May 13th - Texas State
May 14th - Stephen F. Austin
Baylor took Texas to the rubber match this weekend after beating two non-conference foes soundly. Friday's loss leaves Baylor at 1-7 in Big 12 series openers. That's not the bad news. The bad news is that Friday starter Kendal Volz left the game with an injury. Saturday, Baylor snapped an 11-game losing streak against Texas, shutting them down in the process. Sunday was a pitcher's duel where Baylor couldn't manage a run against Texas' Kenn Kasparek.
It was Baylor's third straight Big 12 series loss.
Kansas 4-0 Tue., Apr. 29     Kansas 3, Missouri 0
Fri., May 2     Kansas 17, Oklahoma 15
Sat., May 3     Kansas 13, Oklahoma 10
Sun., May 4     Kansas 9, Oklahoma 4
Oral Roberts (39)
Missouri (44)
What happened in Kansas? The previous week the 'Hawks were 0-4, this week they don't lose a game, including picking up a midweek win over Missouri. In doing so, they've moved themselves into the top of the bottom section of the Big 12. Rockchalktalk has acomplete rundown.
If they can pick up a win against Missouri next week.. wow. That would be a turnaround. .
Kansas State 2-2 Tue., Apr. 29   Kansas State 3, Wichita State 2
Fri., May 2   Missouri 13, Kansas State 10
Sat., May 3   Missouri 11, Kansas State 7
Sun., May 4  Kansas State 4, Missouri 3 (10)
Arizona State (4)
@Oklahoma (48)
Kansas State pulls off a win on Sunday to stave off a sweep by the closest of margins. They were down 3-2 going into the ninth inning and pull out the win. Maybe they'll make something of it with Oklahoma coming up. The win keeps them in that 8th spot in conference that will qualify them for the conference tournament. 
Missouri 2-2 Tue., Apr. 29     Kansas 3, Missouri 0
Fri., May 2     Missouri 13, Kansas State 10
Sat., May 3     Missouri 11, Kansas State 7
Sun., May 4     Kansas State 4, Missouri 3 (10)*
Creighton (99)
Missouri State (71)
@Kansas (98)
It's not a shock that Missouri won their series against the Wildcats, but it is surprising that top ace Aaron Crow gave up six runs against them Friday. Jacob Priday continued mashing the ball, picking up two on Friday to give him 48 on the season. Saturday, Mizzou continues with the offense, but... Sunday... wow. Have the Tigers won a Sunday game? This weekend they lost on a throwing error - KSU scored from third as an attempt to pick off a runner at second went into the outfield. Remember, if it's Sunday, don't bet on Mizzou.
Mizzou remains in fourth place with a big series at Kansas next weekend.
Nebraska 4-0 Tue., Apr. 29     Nebraska 6, Western Illinois 4
Wed., Apr. 30     Nebraska 6, Western Illinois 1
Sat., May 3     Nebraska 4, Louisiana-Lafayette 3
Sat., May 3     Nebraska 4, Louisiana-Lafayette 3 (14)
Texas A&M (6)
Midweek, Nebraska beat up on the team everyone beats, Western Illinois. The weekend saw a Ragin' Cajuns team come to Lincoln and play pretty good baseball. Unfortunately for them, the Huskers played better. The second game of the Saturday double-header, the Huskers went into the bottom of the ninth, down by a run and they find a way to tie it in dramatic fashion. Jake Optiz came home and got under the catcher's tag for the tying run. The battle lasts until the 14th inning. The team knew it, the radio announcers knew it, the Huskers were going to win in the 14th, and they did.
Next week's series with the conference-leading Aggies looms large. At least it's in Lincoln.
Oklahoma 1-3
Wed., Apr. 30     Oklahoma 12, Wichita State 11 (10)
Fri., May 2     Kansas 17, Oklahoma 15
Sat., May 3     Kansas 13, Oklahoma 10
Sun., May 4     Kansas 9, Oklahoma 4
Kansas State (61)
Why do all the trees in Texas bend north? Because Oklahoma sucks, that's why. This team had so much promise when the season began and now they're a rare tie with the Huskers away from being tied for the cellar dweller.
Oklahoma State 3-1 Fri., May 2  Oklahoma State 13, Utah Valley 1          
Sat., May 3  Oklahoma State 6, Utah Valley 3
 Sat., May 3     Oklahoma State 9, Utah Valley 4
Sun., May 4     Utah Valley 11, Oklahoma State 3
@Rice (5)
Texas Tech (84)
Oklahoma State beat Utah Valley by scoring more runs than they did. Hee, heee, hee. Okay, so Sunday's win by Utah Valley broke the Cowboys' 12-game winning streak, the longest win streak in 10 years, and left Oklahoma State 23-2 at home.
For a prize, Oklahoma State gets to mangle the Red Raiders at home next weekend, when they'll probably move to 26-2 at home.
Texas 3-1 Tue., Apr. 29     Texas 11, Texas State 0          
Fri., May 2     Texas 12, Baylor 1
Sat., May 3     Baylor 6, Texas 1
Sun., May 4     Texas 2, Baylor 0
May 14th - TBA
May 16h - Texas A&M
Texas - a sign that things have to change in Texas' pitching - in Saturday's loss against Baylor the 'Horns didn't record a single strike out. They did hit three batters and gave the Bears five walks, though. Sunday, Kenn Kasparek pitched eight scoreless innings, allowing three hits and one walk. That'll probably earn him Big 12 pitcher of the week honors. Texas has won the series against the Bears for the third straight season. For a complete, non-sarcastic review of the weekend, visit BON.
Texas A&M 3-1 Tue., Apr. 29     Texas A&M 3, TCU 2
Thu., May 1     Dallas Baptist 12, Texas A&M 6
Fri., May 2     Texas A&M 9, Dallas Baptist 4
Sat., May 3     Texas A&M 5, Dallas Baptist 4
@Sam Houston State (96)
@Nebraska (9)
Hey, guess what! The Aggies didn't beat a Big 12 opponent this weekend! The Aggies did become the first team in the nation as they beat up on Dallas Baptist at home, although Thursday's loss broke a eight-game Aggie win streak. 
They head to Lincoln next weekend for a match up that could determine the Big 12's regular season winner. Let's hope the air in Nebraska is too dense for them to hit it far.
Texas Tech DNP @Oklahoma State (7)
Texas Tech didn't play this week. Good news for them, they didn't lose.