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2008 NCAA College Baseball Big 12 Tourney Selections

The Big 12 ends up with zero national seeds, below is the list. I’m surprised that Oklahoma State didn't get one of these spots. Obviously Texas A&M and Nebraska played themselves out of consideration at the end of the season.

National Seeds:

  1. Miami
  2. North Carolina
  3. Arizona State
  4. Florida State
  5. Cal-State Fullerton
  6. Rice
  7. LSU
  8. Georgia

Last season five of the eight national seeds didn’t get out of their regional.

Big 12 Regional Hosts And Brackets:

Nebraska -  1
E Illinois - 4
Oral Roberts - 3
UC Irvine - 2

Texas A&M -1
Illinois-Chicago - 4
Houston - 3
Dallas Bapist - 2

Oklahoma State - 1
W Kentucky - 4
TCU - 3
Wichita State - 2

Other Big 12 teams:

Mizzou goes to Coral Gables, Florida as a number two seed to face Miami. It’ll be a tough road if they’re going to get to the CWS.

Texas is a #2 seed in the Rice regional. Nice rivalry action there.

Oklahoma gets into the tourney as a #3 seed in the Arizona State regional. That’s surprising, in fact, I have no idea why Oklahoma got into this tournament.

Full bracket is available here .

Other comments:

Arkansas doesn’t get into their conference tournament but gets into the tournament. With all due respect to Dave Van Horn, I think that sucks. ESPN was incorrect in stating that Arkansas won their series against us, fact is the series was a split.

If you’re interested in how the tourney selection process works, check out this interview I did last year with Damani Leech, NCAA director of football and baseball operations.