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Big 12 Baseball Tourney Comes Down to Kansas State vs Texas

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It’ll be #5 seed Texas versus #7 seed Kansas State for the Big 12 tournament title. 


The title game is at 1:00 pm and is broadcast nationally on FSN. 


Texas has a tendency to get a big lead in early innings. If KSU can withstand that onslaught and stop the bleeding early they have a chance. 


Texas will be in the NCAA tourney regardless of the outcome of today’s game. Kansas State would not have qualified, so the Wildcats have an opportunity to become the Big 12 automatic qualifier by winning the tourney. 


The NCAA Baseball Tourney selections will be announced later today after all the tourneys have concluded. 


I would expect Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, Nebraska and Missouri to all host regionals. Texas will probably be in there because they have strong support for their sports and the NCAA loves them. 


National seeds, the top eight seeds, will be announced tomorrow. I would expect that Oklahoma State is the only Big 12 team that will be awarded a national seed. Texas A&M has played too poorly at the end of the season as did Nebraska - so it's doubtful either team will get a Super Regional Host.