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Big Change A Comin'

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Late tonight/early tomorrow morning Corn Nation will be upgraded to SBN 2.0. We will experience some downtime in that process, so you if try to access CN and see a page telling you we’re down, don’t be freakin’.

We’ll be moving to the same platform that is currently running at a number of other SBN blogs such as  Sunday Morning Quarterback, should you like to take a few minutes.

The change for end users is enormous. Not only do you get a first-rate post editing thang, but if your one of those guys who is a fan of many times, you’ll have a dashboard at which you can track your whole life across the family of SB Nation blogs. You’ll be able to directly post links to videos, photos  and then tag those posts so they are automatically categorized so that you can create your own library of work.

It’s amazing. You’ll want to log in tomorrow to claim your account right away. I know you will. I’m going to.

Along with the upgrade, we’ll have some other announcements.

In the Big 12 Tourney already today:

  • Missouri has beaten Texas 3-2 in 10 innings
  • Texas A&M continues their death spiral, losing to eighth seed Oklahoma 4-1.
  • Nebraska is down to Baylor 3-2 at the bottom of the fifth. The Huskers picked up two runs in the bottom of the fourth.