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2008 Nebraska Offense: Looking For The 'Playmaker' at Receiver

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Here's something to chew on over the weekend

Looking at the crop of receivers as potential starters for 2008, who’s going to step up and be the next big playmaker?

Let’s not worry much about Todd Peterson or Nate Swift. Both are proven receivers, both can move the chains. In fact, Nate Swift is moving up the charts in total receptions and if he has a decent season in 2008 he could pass Johnny Rodgers on the all-time receptions list.

But let’s face it. Neither Peterson nor Swift are going to strike fear into the hearts of a defense. Neither are going to be that ‘stretch the field’ guy, and that’s who I’m looking for. It's who the 2008 Nebraska offense will be looking for.

I’m worried about the next big playmaker.

Your candidates:

  • Menelik Holt - four receptions for 97 yards, all in the last three games of 2007 even though he was he the field for all 12 games. Probably should have redshirted, but that wasn’t in the cards. Big guy at 6'4" but can he run?
  • Niles Paul - had one for six, I keep hearing his name as high potential. Will it show up as a receiver or a kick/punt return man? Wasn't he a presidential candidate or something like that?
  • Chris Brooks - one career reception for four yards.  He's a Junior who played in only a single game last season. Given Callahan's penchant for throwing the ball all over the place is he any good?
  • Curenski Gilleylen - much can be made about a 77 yard bomb for a touchdown in the spring game, but it takes more than one play to make him the guy. Especially when it’s during a spring game.
  • Will Henry - didn’t play last season.
  • Matt Donahue - hasn’t seen the field yet.

Who amongst these is going to be ‘the guy’ and why?