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Big 12 Baseball Weekend Preview - Rivalry Edition

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  • Texas A&M vs Texas

Given how these two teams have done this season, it’d be easy to understand if the Aggies won this series. Husker fans are hoping that’s not the case and there’s something in this rivalry that gets the blood flowing for both teams.
This is a BIG series for both teams as the Aggies want to win the Big 12 and secure a national seed while the ‘Horns want to improve their postseason status.
The Longhorns have had all season to get their burnt orange poop together and haven’t done it, so what makes anyone think that this weekend would be different.
Look for the Aggies to take this series 2-1, winning the Big 12 regular season title.

  • Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State

Oklahoma has had a bad season and they need to get a win to get into the Big 12 tourney. Right now they sit in eighth place, just behind Kansas, and ahead of Kansas State and Texas Tech. What’s worse is they’re playing a highly-ranked Cowboy team.
Oklahoma State can catch Nebraska for second place if the Huskers falter in Columbia.

Oklahoma State wins this series 2-1. Don’t be surprised if it’s a sweep by the Cowboys.

  • Kansas vs Kansas State

JQ over at Rock Chalk Talk has a preview on this series. Both teams are fighting for something besides bragging rights - they’re fighting to make the Big 12 tourney.

Kansas secures a bid to the Big 12 tourney with a 2-1 series victory over the Wildcats.

  • Baylor vs Texas Tech

Tech has had a horrid season which will probably end this season. From JQ at RockChalkTalk: Oklahoma and Kansas both own tie breakers over the Red Raiders so TTU would need to beat Baylor this weekend, and hope that both Kansas and Oklahoma lose their series to sneak in.

Baylor hasn’t set the world on fire, but they’re pretty much a lock to make the Big 12 tourney. Even with a sweep the Bears can’t finish above .500, though.

Look for Baylor to take this series 2-1, and end the Red Raiders baseball season.

  • Nebraska vs Missouri

Does this make Missouri our rival? Maybe that’s not a bad idea given that they’ve been getting all uppity as of late.
Kendall Rogers over at Rivals has this picked as one of his weekend series to watch. Here’s what he says:

The buzz: The Huskers appear to have the edge on the mound, while the Tigers have better offensive numbers. Nebraska enters the weekend with a 3.45 team ERA, while Missouri enters the weekend with a 4.68 ERA. At the plate, the Tigers have a .300 team batting average, while the Huskers enter the weekend hitting .281.

What the???? Is that freaky or what? When the season started, Missouri was picked high in the Big 12 due to their pitching. Nebraska was picked to finish sixth in the Big 12 because of losing so much pitching in the draft last season. Ha! I say Ha! to the naysayers! (Oh, actually, I don’t blame them, who could see this young team mature this quickly?)

Tonight’s game - Johnny Dorn vs Aaron Crow, two pitchers made the Dick Howser semifinalist list. Don’t be surprised if the Huskers lose game one then come back to take next two.

So look for Nebraska to take this series 2-1.

It won’t be enough to overtake Texas A&M, but remember that the Huskers beat the Aggies in their series... but then there’s that darned tie game.

The Sunday Huskers-Tigers game is televised on FSN at 3:30 pm.

Doing a SBS Server upgrade tonight, not one of my favorite things because SBS sucks, but I’m stuck indoors on the most beautiful spring night so far this year. Ah, well.… probably just be out in my front yard drinking beer most of the night and wake up feeling like... dung. Hoping to climb out this weekend, get back to posting on a regular basis, and like I said, big changes are coming at the end of the week.