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Joba Taking Heat in the Bronx Zoo

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Former Husker pitcher Joba Chamberlain is taking quite a bit of heat in New York for showing his emotion. The story began last week when Cleveland's David Dellucci hit a pinch-hit three-run homer to give Cleveland a 5-2 win over the Yankees. It was Joba's first regular season blown save, and only the second of his major league career, with the other one being the infamous "bug" game against the same Cleveland Indians.

Fast forward a couple of nights later, and Joba strikes out Dellucci to end the eighth inning. Joba pumped his fist three times and yelled into the Yankee dugout...and Dellucci took offense.

And of course, in the center of the news media universe, suddenly it's the story of the day. Even Goose Gossage came down against Joba today...

So what's up? Well...perhaps the novelty of the Joba Chamberlain story has finally worn off for the New York sports media. Build the kid up into some sort of mythical figure...then start tearing him down. Certainly, Joba's emotions have always been a part of his game. And certainly players showing emotion on the field is nothing new.

Certainly Yankee manager Joe Girardi doesn't see a huge problem with Chamberlain:

"I can understand if you don't know a player's heart and you're not in the clubhouse -- you don't always understand," Girardi said. "You're not sure -- 'Are they showing me up or are they not?' I don't believe Joba is ever showing anyone up. I think that's Joba's emotion.

"I don't see a problem with it. He's done it since he came up."


"Sometimes, if you try to make a player something that he's not, it affects his performance. If you watch Joba's father, his father does the same thing. It's the same fist-pump. You know where it comes from -- it comes from dad. All of us have characteristics from our parents that we never lose."

Does Joba show emotion? Of course. Is it too much? Not from what I've seen.