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The Latest Edict from The Great and Powerful Os

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I’ve often been told I should’ve considered medical school.  I certainly have the penmanship for it and of course there’s the old saying that the money wasn’t there.  The reason, however, is that I’ve always been a fan of just what makes people tick and while human beings are sometimes very illogical creatures (cue Spock references), sometimes they are extremely predictable.

As Mike or "Jax" as I like to call him whether he likes it or not pointed out, Bo Pelini visited Columbus, Ohio recently.  Some old stomping grounds not only as the home of Pelini but as a member of THE Ohio State University.  Pelini spoke about a few things such as Frank Solich down the road and no I’m not making the easy jokes today, he took a few veiled swipes at the Callahan administration which is all in good fun I’m sure but the reason I’m speaking with you today isn’t about any of that.  It’s about doors.  No, we’re not waxing poetic about Jim Morrison, though feel free to in the comment section.

So what do doors have to do with Nebraska football?  As you may remember Steve Pederson had some installed on the end of the new tunnel that leads the Cornhuskers to the field featuring some of Nebraska’s earliest all-stars.  These would be opened by Nebraska military servicepersons and send a red horde onto the field causing much joy and revelry.  Honestly I thought they were kinda cool, could take ‘em or leave ‘em really, but I liked the nod to the military boys and thought it was a nice gesture for them to be a part of that tradition.

Problem is according to Bo, Tom doesn’t like ‘em.  Well, fact of the matter is what Tom says goes much like the flowing Missouri River and before the Western Michigan game no doubt they will be gone.  Is this not comical to anyone else?  Does anyone not see the irony in this act?  Tom Osborne has ordered the removal of doors featuring guys like Ed Weir because Steve Pederson, a man who helped organize and recruit through one of the most dominating eras in college football history I might add, put them up.  Wrap your mind around that for a second.

Of course now that this is happening, folks start talking about removing everything Pederson introduced be it the "Power of Red" slogan or the block "N".  Here’s the thing: The old Husker logo, you know, the one with the script across it?  It looks idiotic and juvenile.  It looks mid-90s because it was and still is mid-90s.  The current "N" is crisp, clean, minimalist in natural and honestly something that I figured Nebraska fans can at least give Pederson credit for introducing.  I also enjoy the "Power of Red" slogan because quite honestly that is a nod to the fans not to mention the signs above each and every entryway on Memorial Stadium’s gates.  When you’re talking about taking away homage to yourself just because you don’t like the guy who put it there’s some money to be made in therapy these days.

In the end though, sure, take the doors.  Take down the "N", take the slogan, move the students back so people can see, do it your way Tom.  Just make sure you don’t announce anything like this because after all, we wouldn’t be hearing from you much again as you stated.  Unfortunately actions speak much louder than words and for a gentleman who forgot more about football AND psychology than I know, I find it almost silly that the reasoning behind all this is so obvious.  I feel the worst for Bo though.  He’s the mouthpiece and even I have to wonder if he’s not shaking his head after an appearance once in a while.