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Bo Pelini Speaks to Columbus

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The Columbus Telegram had posted a full 45-minute speech that Bo Pelini gave at a Chamber Banquet. Informative, funny. As of this morning it’s been taken down - I’m guessing they saw their bandwidth being consumed by gobs.
(Folks, that’s why people post things on youtube - so they can let them provide the bandwidth, not just because it's a place where kids can post videos of themselves picking their nose. If the link goes up there, we’ll attach it.)

He’s a good speaker - he said a lot of the right things about tradition and a return of playing with passion. If nothing else, he sounds good. It’s hard not to warm up to the guy. He also said something about success taking a while, but I have no idea what he means when he says that.

He takes a few veiled shots at the former coaching staff - nothing too heavy, but they’re there.  One that stood out for me is Pelini pointing out that while he was focused on discipline he also said it was important that the players understand that the coach has their best interests at heart - specifically ‘that I have their back’. In other words, the players need to know that the coach would support them.  I’m sure all y’all have heard some stories but let’s just say that the former ‘culture of fear’ extended beyond the people who worked for the athletic department.

He answered a questions pointing out that the players will be practicing in full pads on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, then on shorts on Thursday. It’s bizarre to think that’s even a hot issue, but it garnered a fair amount of applause.

Someone must have asked him if he should have been head coach in 2003 (the sound from the questioners was suspect). Pelini responded by saying that he should not have been made head coach in 2003 because Frank Solich should not have been fired - a response which drew applause. More interesting than that (I don’t want to start a Frank debate all over again), he stated that he’s gained a lot of experience since 2003 and is more prepared to be a head coach now.

I like Pelini’s laugh - it reminds me of that guy in high school you thought was too dumb to live past 30. I mean that in a good way.

Nebraska has fallen in love with the guy. That’s not a difficult accomplishment given who he’s replaced. I just hope he’s successful. I don’t want to go through all this again in four years.

[ED - Video is backonline - located here.]