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Basketball Recruiting update...1 week until signing period

[ED - Bumped from the diaries....]

Doc Sadler has been busy lately on the recruiting trail.  Nebraska has two scholarships currently available (Aleks Maric is graduating, and Shang Ping is transferring) and rumors suggest that another player may announce the intent to transfer soon.  Nebraska signed two players in the early signing period -- 6'5" Wing and California JuCo player of the year Roburt Sallie (who will be coming in with three years left, and was originally signed to come to NU), as well as German 6-11 big man Christian Niemann.  However, Niemann's eligibility is in doubt, mostly due to his playing for a German club team that paid some of its players.

So with potentially 2 scholarships left to give, who is Doc out recruiting?

One recruit that Nebraska is in good shape for is 6-11, 330-lb Mississippi center Melvin Oliver, who reports that Nebraska is one of his top two schools.  Assuming that he has the skills, Oliver certainly has the size to be a dominant big man.  He may have to drop a few pounds to gain some endurance, but if he chooses NU, I think he'd be a great catch.

The other recruit that bears watching is 6-3 guard Buchi Awaji, who has been offered a scholarship by the Huskers, but is leaning towards Kansas State.  Going against Awaji coming to Lincoln is that he'd essentially be filling the same role as Ryan Anderson and Roburt Sallie.

Doc has also offered a scholarship to 6-8/255 JuCo power forward Steven Toyloy from Miami-Dade Community College.  I don't know a whole lot about him, but his size would be a welcome addition as a PF.

More will probably be announced once things get closer to the late signing period and the status of current players and signees becomes more clear.  Hopefully, with a good big man, we can look forward to taking the next step in the rebirth of Husker Basketball next season.

Update 12:15 AM 4/10/08: It appears that sophomore guard Jay-R Strowbridge would be the other likely transfer.  According to the Lincoln Journal Star, Jay-R was not at the team banquet Wednesday night and is considering a transfer.  If Jay-R does leave,I wish him and Shang Ping good luck wherever they land.