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Da Big Game - Memphis or Kansas?

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Men's Basketball season ends tonight and I have to wonder who you're rooting for, or who you expect to win - Kansas or Memphis?

I've typically ended up rooting for Kansas throughout the year due to Nebraska's lack of basketball prowess. It's become harder since Roy Williams left - I've never had a liking for Bill Self, maybe because he turned us down  few years ago, and maybe because he's just.... well I think he's kind of a slickster. I've never had a strong liking for John Calipari for the same reason, so it kind of cancels that out.

Both teams look really good and Kansas has not yet choked. Memphis looks unstoppable. I'll be rooting for Kansas because, well, because that's what I've always done, but I don't think they can beat Memphis unless Brandon Rush and Mario Chalmers catch on fire from the outside.

I'm glad I don't bet on games. It would take the fun out of them if I had something to lose.

Your thoughts?