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Someone Named "Thad Weber" Pitching Out of This World As Huskers Win Series Against Texas Tech

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The Huskers took game two from Texas Tech 5-2 as some guy called Thad Weber delivered a career-high 11 strike outs, giving up only five hits and two earned runs over 7.2 innings.

I find it odd that we're supposed to believe that this is the same guy who gave up five runs in the first inning and eight overall before being replaced in the third inning at Stanford. Clearly, something has happened to him between then and now.

Weber entered this weekend second in Big 12 pitching with a 0.39 ERA, behind out of this world guy Aaron Crow, who has yet to give up a run in conference play.

You might point out that it was Nebraska's first series on the road, that they hadn't yet practiced outside yet. You may point to Nebraska's new pitching coach Eric Newman as another factor.

You can do that but there is evidence that something else is at work here.

Here's Thad Weber at Stanford.

Here's Thad Weber now.

Notice any difference?

Ok, pretty silly, but I stayed up late last night watching some damned Sci-Fi channel movie about a meteor or comet experiment gone wrong that caused the earth to shift off it's orbit and become hotter. Incredible writing and action in that one. Not as good as Friday night's showing of "The Return of the Living Dead" which became much less interesting after the nude punk rock girl was overcome by a gob of brain-eating zombies.

I'm in shock this morning as news comes that Ben-Hur has died. All of the modern-day car chases and special effects have nothing on that chariot racing segment. Nothing

Moses, Ben-hur, El Cid, so many to pick from. While most of this generation knew Heston as the NRA's main guy, he warned us in the 70's that we would ultimately destroy ourselves, allowing for apes to evolve and take over the planet. So many great lines in his movies, but my favorite has to be the warning given in the final scene of "Planet of The Apes".

"You maniacs. You blew it up. Damn you. Damn you all to hell!"